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LG to Debut 21:9 Curved IPS Monitor at IFA 2014, Along with Gaming and 4K Models

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LG 34UC97 IPS Curved UltraWide Monitor

We’re still a few weeks away from IFA 2014 in Berlin, but LG is already dropping tidbits of news in advanced of the European electronics tradeshow. The company put out a press release this morning detailing three new PC monitors, including the 34UC97 IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor, the 31MU97 Digital Cinema 4K Monitor, and the 24GM77 Gaming Monitor.

The 34UC97 is pretty significant in a number of ways, but perhaps the most noteworthy is right there in its name: it’s the first curved IPS monitor with a 21:9 ultra-widescreen aspect ratio. What does that mean? Let’s break it down bit-by-bit. The curved part I’m sure you’re already familiar with. Interestingly, even pundits who have no use for curved TVs admit that screen curvature makes a lot of sense at the viewing distances typical of PC monitor applications.

IPS, meanwhile, stands for In Plane Switching, and I won’t dig too deeply into the technology itself, but it’s enough to say that it typically results in vastly superior color reproduction and off-axis viewing than other LCD display technologies. The 34UC97’s 21:9 aspect ratio, similar to that of CinemaScope films, will also give you a lot more screen real estate and may eliminate the need for dual-screen setups in some cases.

Other interesting tidbits about the 34UC97: it boasts a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, which isn’t quite 4K (or Ultra HD, which is defined as at least 3840 × 2160), but you’ll still need quite the video card to drive it, especially if you plan on doing any gaming. The monitor also features Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and MAXX AUDIO processing for its built-in seven-watt speaker system.

If the resolution of the 34UC97 isn’t enough (or the curve is too much), LG will also be unveiling the 31MU97 Digital Cinema 4K Monitor, which packs 4096 x 2160 pixels into its 31-inch screen (which is also IPS, by the way). LG says that the 34UC97 is capable of reproducing 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space, which is way beyond the typical Windows and Apple color space, making it ideal for photo professionals and filmmakers. The 34UC97 is also hardware calibration-ready and comes with LG’s True Color Proc calibration software.

Of course, that may all be overkill if all you’re looking to do is rock some WildStar or Divinity: Original Sin on the regular. For you hardcore gamers in the audience, LG is also introducing the 24GM77, which sports a number of features designed specifically to enhance your interactive entertainment. In addition to a 144Hz refresh rate, it also benefits from LG’s Dynamic Action Sync mode, which cuts input lag down to a minimum. The monitor also features Black Stabilizer technology to ensure consistent shadows, along with a Game Mode hot key that further optimizes video settings. The monitor also sports a response time of less than 1ms.

“Many people spend more time in front of computer monitors than they do in front of TV sets and yet the industry’s biggest monitor manufacturers don’t seem to innovate at the same pace as TV manufacturers,” said Hyoung-sei Park, head of the IT Business Division at LG Electronics’ Home Entertainment Company. “At LG, innovation in display technologies isn’t just limited to our market-leading TV products but are actively being implemented in our advanced PC monitors. And that’s why we’re particularly proud to be introducing at IFA the world’s first 21:9 Curved UltraWide monitor with a curved IPS display which delivers a wide 178-degree viewing angle for an immersive viewing experience.”

All three of these new LG monitors will be officially unveiled at IFA 2014 in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin. For more information, visit