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Stewart Filmscreen: the Director’s Choice for Fifteen Years Running

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Typically, when a company sends out a press release, it’s to announce something shiny and new. Something that probably hasn’t even hit the market yet. This week, though, Stewart Filmscreen took to the wires to announce something quite venerable. Downright ancient, in fact, when you consider that most video products have a shelf-life measured in months rather than years.

Fifteen years ago, the company introduced the Director’s Choice. At the time it was revolutionary: a vertical, horizontal, and four-way masking system that allowed for literally infinite variability in terms of both aspect ratio and screen size. Granted, the media landscape has changed a lot in the past decade-and-a-half. Back then, DVD was still the new guy on store shelves, most people hadn’t even heard of high-definition, and streaming as we now know it was a long, long way away. The funny thing is, despite the vast changes in the way we consume media these days, one thing remains the same: incredible variability, not only in the shape of the movies and TV shows we watch (from the square, 1.33:1 shape of old shows like I Love Lucy to the ultra-wide 2.35:1 of recently departed series like Star Wars: The Clone Wars), but also in terms of quality. It’s easier than ever before to whip out your phone and broadcast a YouTube video to your big projection screen. But do we really want to watch pixilated cat videos projected six feet tall before our eyes? I don’t, at any rate.

That’s one of the things that keeps Director’s Choice relevant, fifteen years later. And as Stewart Filmscreen’s National Sales Manager Jim Groover explains in the video below, the technology is probably more relevant now than ever before.

Another thing that has kept Director’s Choice on the cutting edge is the way that Stewart Filmscreen has adapted the technology to new screen materials over the years. At this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver next month, the company will be demonstrating the tech on a gigantic rear-projection screen, in fact, and it’s even available as an option for StarGlas screens, which replicate the look and feel of plasma flat panel TVs on scales that will blow your mind, but at prices that don’t match the GDPs of some European nation states.

What’s more, all of the Director’s Choice shape-shifting abilities are performed automatically, to match the content you’re viewing, thanks to an integrated BRIC (Binary Reciprocal intelligent Control) System, which reduces programming time from all day down to just a few minutes.

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