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[PHOTOS] Unboxing the New GoldenEar Technology Triton One Loudspeaker

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As luck would have it, just as I was wrapping up my review of GoldenEar Technology’s Invisa in-ceiling speakers last week, I got a call from a freight delivery driver with news that another GoldenEar package was on its way: the new flagship Triton One tower speakers.

The big boys are slated for review on Home Theater Review in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share a sneak peek here and cover the unboxing process, since the Triton Ones are as well-packaged as they are massive. You can see here that one of the speakers barely fit through my front door. Each container is nearly five-and-a-half feet tall, nearly two-and-a-half feet wide, and somewhere between 20 and 21 inches deep. It’s a little hard to tell, given how beat up the boxes are. The damage you see here is the least of it.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 1

Here’s the side of the box for the other speaker. Not good.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 2

Thankfully, though, there’s a lot of Styrofoam packing between the outer shipping container and the inner speaker box. As you can see here, despite all the outward damage, the inner box wasn’t so much as nicked.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 3

Crack that box open, and the first thing you come across is the Triton One’s power cord (yep, power cord) and instruction manual, attached to some of the thickest Styrofoam reinforcement I’ve ever come across in a speaker package. Bruno, who insists upon inspecting any new boxes that enter the Burger home, apparently felt rather threatened by the arrival of the Triton Ones. You can see him here charging his Super Pibble Laser Heat Vision, just in case.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 4

Inside the package with the instruction manual and warranty information, you’ll also find a set of really nice floor spikes, as well as metal discs to use in combination with the spikes if you have hardwood flooring.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 6

Back to the packaging itself, you can see here the Triton Ones were apparently boxed by the guys who used to work for American Tourister back in the day. I literally watched the delivery guy drop one of the boxes to the ground from a height of at least two-and-a-half feet, but as you can see here the internal packaging is still in perfect shape. And with good reason.

Bruno is still wary, though.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 5

Inside the Styrofoam there’s yet another layer of protection for the speakers themselves, this time in the form of memory foam padding.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 7

And finally, with the memory foam removed, we get to the Tootsie Roll center of this Tootsie Pop. The speakers themselves are wrapped in pretty traditional plastic wrap, with nice cloth blankies at the top and bottom to further protect the corners during the last step of unboxing.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 8

The first thing I did when I finally pried the first Triton One from its womb was to set it up next to GoldenEar’s previous tower speaker release, the Triton Seven. As you can see, the One positively dwarfs the Seven, standing a full 54 inches next to its little sister’s 39.75-inch height.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 9

Finally, here’s a closeup of the Triton One’s back panel, complete with power cord connection, really nice all-metal binding posts, and an LFE input with subwoofer level controls.

GoldenEar Triton One Unboxing 10

Once all of that was done (twice, of course), I connected the Triton Ones and did a bit of initial listening. How do they sound? Everything from my initial listening impressions at CES still hold true. They’re wonderfully cohesive, beautifully time-aligned, and exquisitely dynamic, with superb imaging and a seamless blend between all of the bass, mid, and high-frequency drivers. To read the full review when it goes live, keep your eyes on Home Theater Review’s Twitter feed.

And to find a location near you where you can hear the Triton One for yourself, visit GoldenEar’s handy Dealer Locator.