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Niles Auriel Multi-Room Audio Controller Combines Convenience, Reliability, and Ease-of-Use

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These days, it’s easier than ever to fill your home with sound thanks to affordable wireless speakers and streaming technologies like AirPlay and Bluetooth. Despite the convenience of such setups, though, something is almost always lost in the process: mainly sound quality and flexibility. That’s where a system like Core Brands’ new Niles Auriel MRC-6430 Multi-Room Audio Control demonstrates its true value.

The new MRC-6430, which is now shipping, is a robust, six-zone, six-source audio controller that marries the reliability and sonic superiority of dedicated music distribution systems with the convenience and ease-of-use of smartphone-based access and control.

The heart of the MRC-6430’s user experience is Niles’ Auriel software and app, which not only makes setup quicker and easier (and therefore less expensive), but also makes operating the system incredibly easy and intuitive. Sources connected to each of the MRC-6430’s inputs can be controlled via IP or infrared, and can be played back in any zone controlled by the system, either independently or all at the same time. So you can be rocking out to selections from the music server while relaxing out by the pool while your significant other tunes into satellite radio while soaking in the tub. Or you can pump a playlist through every speaker in the house during your next party, with virtually no latency.

What’s more, the MRC-6430 is built on the ELAN g! interface, so you’ll be able to control the system (and view metadata, when applicable) from Niles in-wall touch panels. That also makes the system ready for future expansion, to tie in with your lighting and comfort control.

As for technical specifics, the MRC-6430 includes powered speaker outputs for four of its six zones, thanks to digital amplifiers that deliver 15 watts of power per channel (30 total per zone). Or your home tech specialist can tap into the preamp outputs for all six zones and provide more robust amplification, if needed. Each zone also benefits from separate bass and treble controls.

“With Auriel and the MRC-6430 we are making multi-room audio simpler than ever to install and use,” Yann Connan, Core Brands’ Director, Audio Segment, said of the new system. “The number one concern for buyers is that multi-room audio controllers are complicated, so we developed the Auriel software to show them just how accessible it can be. With any smartphone, tablet or Niles in-wall touch panel, users can now quickly select what source they want to play and in which rooms they want it to play. We had the system integrators in mind as well, with the flexibility to include both IP and IR controlled devices, complete GUI generation and six routable IR outputs for external component control. Auriel is wizard-based to reduce installation and set-up time to a fraction of other multi-room systems.”

For more about the new Niles Auriel ecosystem, visit And to find the home tech specialist nearest you who carries and installs Auriel, visit Nile’s Where to Buy page or call (800) BUY-HIFI.