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Samsung Accepting Pre-Orders for 105-Inch UHD TV This Week

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Samsung 105S9W_005_Dynamic_Black

It’s starting to turn into “All Samsung News, All the Time” around these parts. But I don’t make the news; I just report the interesting stuff.

At any rate, remember the 105-inch Samsung Curved UHD TV that we first reported on back in January? The one that nobody actually expected to make its way to the North American market? Well, those of us who suspected as much were incorrect. The company took to the wires this week to announce the impending US release of that display, which now has an actual model number—UN105S9W—an actual price—$119,999.99—and an actual pre-order date: this week.

So, what exactly do you get for that $120K? For one thing, a gargantuan screen with an impressive 5120 x 2160 resolution. And if you’re good at math, you probably noticed that this is a good bit more than the resolution of your typical 3840 × 2160 Ultra HD screen. That’s because the UN105S9W isn’t the same aspect ratio as your typical HD or UHD screen. Instead of 16:9, it’s actually 21:9 (or 21 units wide for every unit of height), which puts it at roughly the same aspect ratio as ultra-widescreen action/adventure films like Star Wars.

In the world of home theater, this is what’s known as “constant height,” meaning that no matter what movies or TV shows you watch, they always take up the full height of the screen, with no black bars above or below the image. There will, of course, be black bars on the sides of most TV shows and many movies, but chances are good that Samsung will find an interesting way to fill those empty spaces, although they haven’t announced as much just yet.

What we do know is that the UN105S9W will feature Samsung’s proprietary UHD Dimming and Precision Black technologies to improve contrasts, as well as Auto Depth Enhancer to selectively adjust the contrast of foreground, midground, and background areas of the image. The display will also support Samsung’s Quad Screen Multi-Link feature, which allows you to break the image down into essentially four different displays, as well as, of course, the company’s latest Smart TV platform.

The display also connects via the One Connect box that I loved so much on last year’s F9000 display. Essentially, it keeps all the inputs, outputs, and brains of the TV in a separate box, which can be upgraded as new technologies emerge and Samsung’s Smart Hub evolves.

So, when can you get your hands on the UN105S9W? That’s a tricky question, because there isn’t actually an official ship date for the TV. As I said, pre-orders start this week, but each display is actually exclusively built to order. There is an extra special added bonus to purchasing this gigantic beauty, though: included in the cost of the display is something the company is calling “Samsung Elite Service,” which involves an in-home visit by Samsung engineers who set up your new TV, calibrate it for your viewing environment, and explain all of its features in person.

For more info on the UN105S9W, check out Samsung’s product page.