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Paradigm Debuts Two New Millenia Series Ultra-Slim On-Wall Speakers

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Looking for a new set of speakers with that sweet, silky smooth, balanced, dynamic Paradigm sound, but not willing to give up an inch of your precious floor space? Your timing couldn’t be more perfect, because the company just announced two new, ultra-slim, wall-mounted Millenia Series speakers designed to be the perfect audio complement to wall-mounted flat panel TVs.

The two new models consist of an updated version of the highly lauded Millenia LP—dubbed, logically enough, the Millenia LP 2 and an all, super-sized model known as the Millenia LP XL.

What’s different about the new Millenia LP 2? For one thing, it boasts a new tweeter design with a camouflaged phase ring to improve high-frequency response. For another, the LP’s polypropylene mid-bass drivers and passive radiators have been replaced with aluminum cones (although, given that Paradigm is Canadian, technically they’re aluminium), for lower distortion and less audible resonance. The speaker has also been given a sleek new, all-black look with a perforated tweeter screen and a one-piece baffle.

Other than that, the internal design has been tweaked a little bit—the crossover design is a little different, high frequency response is a little higher and bass extension is a little lower—but overall dimensions remain much the same at 25.2″ × 6.5″ × 1.75″ (64.0cm × 16.5cm × 4.4cm).14673361493_79c0b87a0e_z

If you need something a little larger than that (say, for example, you’ve got a 60+” TV or long for a little more bass) the all-new Millenia LP XL takes all of the improvements made to the LP 2 and packs them into a cabinet measuring 33.75″ × 6.75″ × 1.75″ (85.7cm × 17.2cm × 4.4cm). You’ll notice that, despite the increased height and higher driver count, the LP XL is just as slim as its smaller counterpart. Yet it boasts two additional passive 4.5-inch passive radiators and low frequency extension down to 60 Hz, which means it will blend with your subwoofer more effortlessly and seamlessly.

Both speakers come equipped with wall-mounting hardware, as well as tabletop stands for additional mounting flexibility. Both are also designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally, so you can use either of them in stereo configuration or as all five (or seven, or nine) main channels in a complete surround sound home theater system. Paradigm also says that “[b]oth new models are meticulously engineered … to incorporate the predictable effects of a wall on the speaker’s frequency response. Their ultra-thin enclosure is optimized to exploit the maximum wall area for a complete absence of vibration, even when performing at maximum output.”

The Paradigm Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL are scheduled to ship in early August, with a suggested retail price of $499/each for the LP 2 and $699/each for the LP XL. For more information, detailed specs, and images of both of the speakers, visit and the company’s page. And to hear the new LP 2 and LP XL for yourself, check out Paradigm’s handy Dealer Locator tool to find an authorized dealer in your neck of the woods.