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Bluesound Adds Spotify Connect Capabilities in July Software Update

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Bluesound—the high-res, audiophile alternative to Sonos—announced this week the introduction of support for Spotify Connect.

If you need a reminder about what, exactly, Spotify Connect is, check out our most recent post about the service. But here’s the TL;DR version: Normally, to use Spotify on a streaming media player or other source component in the home, you have to use your phone or tablet’s Spotify app to play the music, which then streams to the source itself via AirPlay or Bluetooth. In other words, the streaming music travels from the internet to your mobile device via WiFi or cellular data, and is then “rebroadcast” for lack of a better word, from your mobile device to your home audio source component.

And if, for some reason, you forget to put your phone on silent, all of your text notifications, push mail sounds, and other audible updates are delivered right alongside your music. Plus, you can forget playing a game of Two Dots on your phone while you’re rocking out.

With Connect, though, your mobile phone is transformed into a fancy remote control for Spotify, and the streaming tunes are delivered straight from the interwebs to the source component itself. That means you can start a playlist with your phone, realize that its battery is on death’s door, go drop it in the charging dock in your home office, grab your iPad, and resume control of your Spotify streaming, with absolutely no interruptions to your music.

The only downside? The list of devices that actually support Spotify Connect is still pretty small. But you can now add Bluesound’s digital multi-room music system to that rather exclusive list. Or, I should say, you can make that addition very, very soon. The company announced that Connect compatibility will be added to the Bluesound system via a software update (version 1.10.0) on July 1, 2014. New v1.10.0 iOS and Android apps will be released the same day. Bluesound also reports that Spotify Connect can be streamed to multiple devices throughout the home simultaneously, which puts it in an even rarer breed.

“Spotify Connect is a perfect addition to Bluesound’s digital and streaming technologies. Our users will get the best of both worlds: true and reliable HiFi along with Spotify Connect’s effortless control of music across your phone, tablet, and the Bluesound ecosystem,” says Greg Stidsen, Bluesound’s Director of Technology & Product Planning. “Imagine entering your home listening to your favourite Spotify playlist on your phone and then seamlessly connecting to your Bluesound Player without missing a single beat of music. Bluesound’s family of dedicated, multi-room wireless streaming digital music Players can do this. It gives users the ability to playback millions of songs from Spotify Connect to any room in the home or all rooms at once. That’s truly Living HiFi.”

For more information on BlueSound, including all of the different players and storage devices included in the ecosystem, visit And if you’re having trouble finding a dealer who carries Bluesound, contact Lenbrook America at 800.263.4641 or ring up your local home tech specialist and ask if they sell the system.