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Samsung Super-Sizes Its Ultra HD TV Lineup

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Samsung announced this morning that it’s UHD lineup is growing, with the addition of a new flat 85-inch HU8550 Series model, as well as two new Series entirely: the HU7250 Curved UHD TV (in 55- and 65-inch varieties) and the HU6950 UHD TV series (in 40-, 45-, and 50-inch varieties).

The new UN85HU8550FXZA isn’t, of course, Samsung’s first 85-inch Ultra HD display, but it does expand the HU8550 Series lineup, which previous tapped out at 75 inches. It also sports a more traditional frame than the company’s S9 Series 85-incher, which first debuted last year. Like its smaller HU8550 siblings, the 85-inch model sports some serious Smart TV capabilities, as well as UHD Dimming and Precision Black processing for enhanced contrast and black levels. I currently have the 65-inch HU8550 in for review, and should be wrapping that evaluation up within the next week or so, but I can confirm that the image gives my beloved plasma a run for its money in terms of richness, with the added benefit of a much smaller pixel structure and fantastic 4K upscaling, which means you can sit much closer to the screen. It’s also a heck of a gaming monitor. Stay tuned for more observations soon. The UN85HU8550FXZA is set to debut sometime in the next week or so for $9,999.99—a quarter of the 85-inch S9’s current asking price.

If curves are your thing but you don’t want or need all of the features of the HU9000 series, the new HU7250 Series Curved UHD TV displays have a lot to offer, including Samsung’s proprietary Smart TV platform, UHD Upscaling, UHD Dimming, and Samsung’s Quad Screen Multi-Link, which allows you to access four screens on the same display at the same time. The HU7250 Series will be available starting in August for $2,199.99 (55”) and $3,299.99 (65”).

Take most the same features and make the display flat (and a little smaller, on average), and you have the new HU6950 Series Smart UHD TVs. You still get the UHD Upscaling, UHD Dimming, a Quad Core Processor, Quad Screen Multi-Link, and of course the Smart Hub platform, with a ship date of late June (this month) and prices starting at $999.99 for the 40″, climbing to $1,499.99 for the 50″ and $1,999.99 for the 55″. That’s about a third of what I paid for my first big, bulky, fuzzy 55″ rear-projection HDTV back in the first part of the twenty-first century.

All of the above displays also support HEVC (in other words, they’re compatible with 4K Netflix), HDMI 2.0 (which means they all support high-frame-rate UHD), and HDCP 2.2 (so you’re not locked out of any future copy-protected UHD sources. And if any new UHD standards should come along, all of the new displays also support Samsung’s One Connect box, which allows you to upgrade the brains and connectivity of the display to the latest specs.

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