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Samsung Announces Level Series Personal Audio Products (and Free UHD Movies)

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Samsung has been on quite the music kick lately. The company recently debuted a number of new audio products (during the same press event at which Samsung spotlighted its new curved TVs), including HTiBs, soundbars, multiroom sound systems, and more. This time, though, things are a little more personally. Literally. Samsung lifted the lids this week on a new line of audio products—dubbed the Level Series—which includes a new over-ear headphone, a new on-ear headphone, a new in-ear model (with some particularly interesting technology inside), as well as a new compact Bluetooth speaker.

The Level Over, as its name implies, is an over-ear headphone that promises to deliver “superior HD organic sound.” Not quite sure what that means, exactly, but the headphone’s components look pretty solid. The Level Over contains a 50mm dynamic driver with a neodymium magnet, and a case that’s designed specifically to reduce resonance. The Level Over also includes a combination of noise isolation and active noise cancelation, and features both touch controls and Bluetooth pairing capabilities.

The Level Over also comes with a companion app (downloadable from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Apps store) that allows users to tweak equalization and also apply 3D processing and bass enhancement.

If you’re not enticed by all of those features (or the bulk of big on-ear cans), Samsung also announced a smaller on-ear model, appropriately named the Level On. Despite sporting the same aesthetic design as the Level Over, the Level On does lack many of its features, including Bluetooth and noise cancelation. But it does boasts a 40mm dynamic driver and noise isolation.

The Level In—you guessed it, the in-ear model of the lineup—is actually probably the new offering I find most interesting. The little earbud is actually a three-way design that relies on balanced armatures (one each) for mid- and high-frequency reproduction, and a dynamic driver for the bass. A number of companies offer such designs, and for good reason: it sort of offers the best of both worlds. If done right, you get the sparkling detail and silky smooth mids (not to mention the pain-free listening experience in my case) of a balanced armature headphone, combined with the thunderous bottom end that only dynamic drivers can really deliver. The Level In also ships with four silicon ear tips and three memory foam tips.

Rounding out the Level line is the new Level Box, a compact Bluetooth speaker system boasting a solid metal design, 56mm stereo speakers, and a passive radiator for extra bass performance. The Level Box also serves as a speakerphone with noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies, along with NFC pairing capabilities with your Samsung smartphone.

Samsung_Level Series_WhiteAll four new Level Series produces are expected to ship toward the middle of May, although pricing information unfortunately isn’t available just yet.

In completely unrelated Samsung news, the company also announced today that customers who purchase the new flagship HU9000 Curved UHD TV will receive a redemption code to download a complimentary UHD Video Pack, which includes World War Z, X- Men Origins: Wolverine, Night at the Museum, The Counselor, and GI Joe: Retaliation, as well as the documentaries The Last Reef, Grand Canyon Adventure, and Cappadocia, all in full 3840×2160 resolution.