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Paradigm Now Shipping Soundtrack 2 Powered Soundbar System

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Paradigm Now Shipping Soundtrack 2 Powered Soundbar System

Nothing beats a full-blown surround sound speaker system when it comes to replicating the cinematic experience at home. But if you’re tight on space, tight on budget, or tend to do a good bit of movie or TV watching in the bedroom and can’t talk the significant other into yet another 7.1-channel speaker system, that’s no excuse for relegating yourself to the dinky, uninspiring sound delivered by your TV. Not when companies like Paradigm are delivering some truly righteous sounding fully powered soundbars, like its new Soundtrack 2 System.

As the name implies, the Soundtrack 2 System is a sequel of sorts to Paradigm’s award-winning original Soundtrack System, which drew accolades for its exceptional installation flexibility and inimitable Paradigm sound.

As you might expect, the Soundtrack 2 system retains all of the auditory awesomeness of its forebear, but ups the ante in terms of technology, with the inclusion of built-in Bluetooth streaming (with aptX codec support for superior streaming performance), new proprietary Paradigm Virtual Surround processing (which is, of course, entirely bypassed in pure Music Mode), and Dolby Digital decoding.

All of that sound is delivered via an impressive driver array, including two 1-inch high-frequency ferrofluid-cooled pure aluminum dome tweeters (although, seriously, I thought our friends to the north called it aluminium); two 4-inch mineral-filled polypropylene mid/bass drivers; and two 4-inch mineral-filled polypropylene passive bass radiators to give the system a bit of extra kick. The Soundtrack 2 System also comes with a compact, low-profile subwoofer featuring an 8-inch cone driver and two oversized tuned ports, extending the system’s total frequency extension down to a 40Hz. The subwoofer is designed for wireless connectivity, but can be connected to the soundbar with a standard RCA cable if wireless isn’t your thing. Total peak system power for the soundbar and subwoofer combined is 350 watts (2×50 watts peak for the soundbar; 250 watts peak for the sub).

The really neat thing about the subwoofer is just how sleek and compact it is. It can be positioned vertically if you have the space for it, but if not it’s also designed to lie down horizontally, for in-cabinet placement or secreting away under the sofa.

The Soundtrack 2 System also boasts a new remote control that’s a significant upgrade over the credit-card controller that ships with the original Soundtrack System. In addition to supporting all of the new functionality of the Soundtrack 2 System, it also features remote learning capabilities, so you’ll only need one remote to control both the soundbar and your TV.

The remote also includes source input selection for the Soundtrack 2’s digital optical and analog audio inputs, which can be connected directly to your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, game console, or any other source component. Or you can connect those components directly to the TV and route its optical output to the soundbar if you need a few extra inputs.

The Soundtrack 2 system is shipping now for $899.99, and should be available very soon at your local participating Paradigm dealer (“participating” meaning those dealers who carry the Paradigm Shift collection).

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