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Samsung and Mandalay Sports Media Join Forces for New Second Screen Experience

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Samsung and Mandalay Sports Media Join Forces for New Second Screen Experience

Second screen experiences are getting a lot more popular these days, thanks to apps like AMC’s The Walking Dead Story Sync, which enriches the viewing experience with trivia, polls, sneak peeks, and instant replays; the new American Idol app, which lets you vote for your favorite contestants during the broadcast, and of course the ever-expanding DISH Explorer app, which adds oodles of enhancements to the channel-surfing, content-discovery process. Now Mandalay Sports Media is getting in on the second-screen fun by way of a new partnership with Samsung.

Mandalay Sports Media, in case you aren’t familiar, is a division of Mandalay Entertainment whose focus is aimed squarely at providing sports-themed programming like Bluegrass Kingdom: The Gospel of Kentucky Basketball and the upcoming NBA: Summer Dreams.

Going forward, new programs developed by the company will be created with Samsung’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology platform in mind, which will enable Samsung Smart TVs made in 2012, 2013, and 2014 – paired with your Samsung tablet or smartphone of choice – to tap into an interactive second screen storytelling experience that supplements and complements the onscreen action in a variety of ways.

In other words, if you opt into this experience (it’s totally optional), your Samsung Smart TV will be capable of recognizing when an MSM documentary, movie, or TV show is on the screen, and will activate the second screen experience on your Galaxy phone, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Tab in real time, with new content appearing in your hands at the exact moment in which it’s relevant to the onscreen action.

According to the announcement from Samsung, new programs produced by Mandalay Sports Media will be developed from the ground up with the new experience in mind, starting with the script writing process and carrying through during every step of the production.

“We have been working with Mandalay on exploring and refining new methods and techniques for enhancing storytelling capabilities and the home entertainment experience,” said Eric Anderson, VP of Content and Product Solutions at Samsung Electronics America. “Second Screen Storytelling is already happening in the market today, but the experience has always been a bit disjointed and mostly ‘post production.’ The power of the experience comes from the creators knowing what new storytelling tools they have access to before they write the first line in the script, and how best to harmonize the connected screens in today’s living rooms.”

There’s no exact word yet on when this new, second-screen enhanced content will begin to appear, but the partnership is still fresh and content still needs to be created, so I wouldn’t expect to see anything concrete for a few months, at least. For updates on new MSM programming and perhaps some future hints as to the shows that will be enhanced as part of this partnership, keep your eyes on and

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