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The Stem Light Lamp Is a Beautiful Bouquet of LED Lighting

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If you’re familiar with the latest smart lighting control solutions from Lutron, Control4, and others, then the ability to elegantly and beautifully dim LED lights may not seem so novel. But I can guarantee that you’ve never seen an LED lamp quiet like Stem Light.

The brainchild of inventor Peter Goncalves, the Stem Light Lamp consists of a sleek, transparent vase, designed to hold up to six gorgeously minimalist stems, each of which ends in a blooming LED light. To illuminate each stem, you simply touch its tip to the low voltage center of the base at the bottom of the vase. To turn it off, you just as simply remove the stem or move its tip to the insulated ring around the perimeter of the base.

And while Stem Light may not give you the exact degree of dimming you’d get from an automated lighting solution, you can dial in your brightness level of preference by activating as many or as few of the stems as you wish. Think of it not as a replacement for whole home lighting control, but rather as a stylishly simple yet sophisticated complement to such.

Each stem of the Stem Light terminates in a seven-watt bulb, available in your choice of cool or warm white, and each has an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours, making the system as green as it is gorgeous. And if, for some reason, a stem doesn’t live up to its projected potential, the bulbs themselves can easily be replaced.

Stem Light is expected to go into full projection in May of 2014 – if, that is, the project reaches its funding goals on Kickstarter. If you’re not familiar with it, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that allows you, the consumer, to have some say in which innovative new products make it to market. By pledging now, you not only help the designer cover manufacturing costs ahead of time, you also get first dibs on the resulting product. Assuming, of course, the project is successfully funded. If the goals aren’t met, you’re not out a dime, although I do feel like the world would be a poorer place if Stem Light became vaporware.

With ten days left to go, the project currently has over $20,000 in pledges against a $78,000 goal. So if you’d like to see this lovely, energy-saving, interactive design become a reality, consider chipping in a few dollars. For as little as $60 you can be one of the first to bring home a Stem Light Lamp with four stems, or you could step up to the six-stem model for $80.

Pledge a bit more and you’ll have your choice of a complete Stem Light system with a white or red boquet, or could choose to donate $1000 to the project and become part of the design team, giving you the chance to shape the design of future Stem Light models.

For more information about the Stem Light Lamp, visit the project page on Kickstarter or dial your browser of choice to

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