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SunBrite Lets All of Your Sensitive Indoor Video Electronics Have Some Fun in the Sun

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By now you’re probably aware of SunBrite’s amazing outdoor TVs, which solve all of the usual problems of trying to use sensitive electronics in harsh outdoor environments: dust, bugs, heat, rain, and the oppressive glare from the sun. SunBrite nips them all in the bud with weatherproof inputs, advanced ventilation systems, filters, and amazing anti-reflection technologies. The company only makes TVs and TV-related accessories, though – not bug-resistant Blu-ray players, waterproof video gaming machines, or ingeniously cooled cable boxes. So while you and your SunBriteTV are out having fun in the sun, all of your sensitive source components have to remain safely inside.

That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Thanks to the company’s new HD Wireless Transceiver (SB-HDWT) and HD Media Enclosure (SB-HDME), though, all of your favorite indoor sources can now come outside and play, without the need for long runs of video cables, and without your having to drill new holes in the side of your house.

The new SunBrite HD Wireless Transceiver (SB-HDWT) relies on a technology called WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) to deliver a picture-perfect 1080p HDMI signal through the airwaves, from as far away as 30 meters. What’s more, it works all of its wireless wizardry with absolutely zero delay, so not only can you use the SB-HDWT for watching movies or catching up on the shows piling up in your DVR, it’s also perfect for frustration-free gaming. The receiving unit can either be mounted on a nearby wall, or directly on an external bracket mounted to your SunBriteTV.

If you’d rather keep your video source a little closer to hand, the company’s new HD Media Enclosure (SB-HDME) is a sleek little all-weather compartment designed to keep your Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast, or other streaming media player safe from the elements, but mounted within reach on or near your SunBriteTV. It features a smoked black weatherproof enclosure designed to allow infrared remote control signals to sneak right through, along with Velcro straps to keep your media player of choice snugly secured and 15-foot power and HDMI cables to give you or your home technology specialist a bit of wiggle room in terms of placement.

Both the SB-HDWT and SB-HDME will be available for order in November, either individually or as an add-on purchase with a shiny new SunBriteTV.

Eager to experience more of what SunBrite has to offer? We had the chance to chat with Tom Dixon, VP of Marketing at SunBrite, who gave us a closer look at everything outdoor A/V, including details surrounding the launch of the Outdoor Entertainment Alliance. Take a peek at the action, live from the CEDIA 2013 floor:

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