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Anthem Delivers New MRX 510 and MRX 710 Receivers with Better Performance, a Sexy New Look, and Incredible Control Capabilities

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Over the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve installed something close to twenty different AV receivers in my secondary home theater system, and although I’ve loved a good number of them, none could compete with the Anthem MRX 700 that serves as the reference receiver for that room. None in its price range could match its richness, detail, and big cinematic sound. None could come close to the finesse and tweakability of its Anthem Room Correction calibration software. And although many of the mass-market receivers I’ve reviewed recently have bested the MRX 710 in terms of streaming features, there simply wasn’t another receiver in its class that I would have turned to in terms of performance.

Until now, that is. Anthem announced this week that its new MRX 710 and MRX 510 AV Receivers are now shipping. And I want one. Badly.

What makes the MRX 710 ten better than its MRX 700 forebear? Better performance, for one thing. Better integration with advanced control systems like Control4, Savant Systems, and URC Total Control for another. And an elegant new aesthetic that falls more in line with the company’s high-end Statement D2v 3D AV processor.

Perhaps the biggest impact on the performance of the MRX 710 and MRX 510 comes from a new and improved version of Anthem Room Correction (ARC) dubbed ARC 1M. The new ARC 1M not only makes measuring and modifying your speakers’ performance easier thanks to its Ethernet connectivity (as opposed to ARC’s required RS-232 serial connection, which few laptops sport these days), it also benefits from better resolution. In other words, you or your local home technology specialist will find ARC 1M easier to set up, easier to run, and the deleterious effects of your room’s acoustics on your speakers’ performance will be easier than ever to nip in the bud.

The new Anthem MRX 710 and 510 also benefit from a wealth of control connectivity, including IP, RS-232, and of course IR. The company is working now with several advanced control companies to deliver drivers for the receivers soon, and there’s even a dedicated control app for Android and iOS devices coming soon. All of which means that your home tech specialist will be able to plug the MRX 710 or 510 into your control system of choice and rest assured that it will work flawlessly, cutting down on the time and expense of installation and setup.

The new receivers also boast updated features like a total of eight HDMI inputs (with 4K upscaling, Audio Return Channel, and faster switching), larger and easier-to-read setup menus, bi-amping capabilities for the front channels, improved second-zone capabilities, super sophisticated amp protection circuitry, a fancy two-speed cooling system, and a new eco mode that consumes less than a third of a watt of power in standby mode by default.

The Anthem MRX 710 and 510 are available now at your local authorized Anthem dealer for $1,999 and $1,599, respectively, with their little brother the MRX 310 following for $1,199 sometime early next year.

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