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Power to the People: How Control4 Composer Home Edition Gives You More Personalized Control of Your Smart Home

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Smart home technology can be scary for the uninitiated. I get that. When my friends and family members visit, they often ooh and ahh over the touch-of-a-button home theater control, the advanced lighting control, the smart door locks, the personalized comfort control. But when I broach the subject of all the things they could do in their own homes with an intelligent home control system like Control4, or an advanced lighting control system like Lutron RadioRA 2, the oohing and ahhing stop and the fear of the unknown kicks in.

“It’s too expensive,” they say. But it really isn’t. As I’ve said before in my review of Control4’s HC-250 Home Controller, my entire home automation system – complete with two home theater controllers, fifteen lighting loads, two smart deadbolts, and advanced thermostat control – all adds up to a retail value of less than that of the surround sound processor in my main home theater.

The other concerns I come across, though, aren’t quite so easy to dispel. Nor to explain. But they boil down to basically this: do-it-yourself home automation solutions are too hard to program, too easy to break, and generally aren’t worth the hassle. But on the flip side of that, with a professionally installed, personalized automation solution, you’re at the mercy of a home technology specialist every time you want to tweak or modify your lights or security or entertainment system.

Do those objections sound familiar? Have they kept you from adding smart control technology to your own home? Or, if you already have a smart control solution like Control4, can you relate to the dependence on your own local home tech specialist?

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it isn’t that way. Thanks to a nifty little program called Control4 Composer Home Edition, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professionally installed, personalized control system, but still make tweaks and changes yourself – from setting up and modifying your favorite channels to managing your music collection to managing text message alerts to creating your own advanced automated events – all with a few clicks of the mouse.

To show you just how easy it is to make changes to your Control4 system with Composer Home Edition, and also just how sophisticated the program can be if you choose to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, I put together this quick video overview of the program, with comparison to the dealer-only Composer Pro software, and a few tutorials covering some very basic automated events.

If you’re curious about the more advanced things you can do with Composer Home Edition, or if you have very specific automatic events you’d like to program for your own Control4 system but just can’t figure out how, leave a comment below and we’ll explore some more advanced how-to’s in a future post.


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