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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Are Seura TVs the Most Waterproof of All?

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Ninety-eight percent (give or take a bit) of the households in America have at least one TV in the home. Considering televisions have been around for almost three-quarters of a century, that’s not all that surprising. What is surprising, though, is how ugly most of the TVs people have in their homes are. Although the styles and applications aren’t for everyone, Seura showed off some extremely cool and very sophisticated alternative “elegant TV solutions” – specifically vanishing TV mirrors, waterproof TVs, and outdoor TVs. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking. You can’t put a TV outside and have it last longer than the next rain storm. Are you kidding?

Well, Seura’s been in the business of doing just that, as well as building waterproof TVs for bathrooms, saunas, and other wet indoor places, since 2003; and they brought the company’s newest outdoor TV – they fittingly call it the “Storm Outdoor TV” – to the CEDIA EXPO floor. They make the Storm TVs in 42”, 47”, and 55” screen sizes, and the latest incarnations are exceptionally bright (something you need when you are competing with sunlight, which Seura says can be as much as 250 times brighter than a well-lit interior room) and have a lower profile than previous designs. I have to say, from what I saw at CEDIA, Seura has some of the most attractive outdoor TVs on the market.

Seura also showed off samples from the company’s two series of TV Mirrors. No, you can’t get Seura’s Vanishing TV Mirrors to tell you that you are the fairest of them all. Instead, they do something almost as magical. Seura’s Vanishing TV Mirrors are quick-change artists that perform a “now you see it – now you don’t” trick with televisions that become mirrors…or mirrors that become televisions. (I’m not sure which is which.) The new Premier S1 Series includes TVs from 32” all the way up to 65”, and Seura says the design of the new series eliminates any gap between the mirror and the TV. This closing of the gap is supposed to minimize internal reflections and provide a better overall TV image. Seura has loads of different frame style options, and when the TV is not on the package looks for all intents and purposes like a framed mirror hanging on the wall. When the panel is turned on, though, it looks like a beautifully framed TV on the wall.

Seura has also made improvements to its Enhanced Series TV Mirrors. With the new Enhanced Series, the mirror can be much larger than previously – in fact, the maximum size for a mirror in the Enhanced Series is 83” by 59”. The Seura TV that gets integrated into the mirror can range from 10” to 65”. The Enhanced Series is primarily designed for use in bathrooms. With the television turned off, the entire surface functions as a standard mirror. When the TV is turned on, the TV image is visible through the portion of the mirrored surface in front of the TV, while the remainder of the mirror continues to function as a mirror. The TV itself is totally waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about moisture from showers or hot water in the sink. Well, actually, you might still have to wipe off the mirror – but the TV won’t mind a bit.

Totally new at CEDIA was Seura’s new integrated programmable OLED clock that can be added to any of Seura’s TV Mirrors. The clock is invisible in sleep mode, although it continues to keep time. When the built-in motion detector senses movement, the digital clock display immediately illuminates. The display will fade after 60 seconds of no motion. Seura says the clock can be placed anywhere within the mirror (well, except in front of the TV, I suppose), is programmable using a Seura remote control, and has built-in batteries to maintain the correct time in case of a power outage.

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