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The Smoke Alarm of the Future

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Being woken up in the middle of the night by a jarring beeping sound is horrible enough, but worse yet is when the cause of it is a false alarm or worse yet, a low battery alert, and not even an actual emergency!  The newest technology from Nest aims to solve this and several other irritating flaws in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, many of which become a safety concern because user frustration can lead to disabling the alarm.

The Nest Protect has some awesome features such as the “heads up ” warning that lets you know if there may be an issue, so if you’re just burning your toast you can get on with your life without any deafening alarms to deal with.  It also offers the “nightly promise” which is a notification each evening when you turn off the lights ensuring that your battery and sensors are in working order so they’ll be no rude awakenings for a low battery.

Other features include:

  • Silence with a wave – Instead of furiously swinging a towel around for a case of baking gone wrong, the detector can be silenced with a simple wave of the hand.
  • Voice notifications – In addition to an alarm sound, Nest uses a human voice to alert you to what and where the danger is. Besides being more informative, this feature may actually help wake sleeping children who don’t always respond to just beeping.
  • Pairs with Nest Thermostat – If there’s a carbon monoxide situation, the Nest Protect syncs with Nest Thermostats to shut off your gas furnace, just in case.
  • Path light – Motion sensor technology allows the Nest Protect to double as a nightlight, if you want.
  • Syncs to smartphone or tablet – Thanks to wifi technology, you can receive notifications when you’re away if your detector goes off, as well as alerts on your phone when you need to change your battery, all in an effort to avoid the dreaded low battery chirp.

The Nest Protect is available for Pre-Order now and comes in black or white. It costs $129.

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