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Apple Event on the Horizon

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If you haven’t already heard, tomorrow should be a big deal for Apple and those looking for the next big Apple announcement.  Tomorrow, September 10th, 2013 at 10 AM PT Apple will be holding a special press event at its Cupertino headquarters.  Press invitations went out last week so if you didn’t get one, keep your ear to the twitter and blog- ground tomorrow for what will likely be a flurry of real time updates from those who were invited.

What many are expecting (and hoping) is that tomorrow will mark the introduction of a new iPhone.  During the past couple months, there’s been plenty of chatter and mystery surrounding a “budget iPhone” which would be a less-expensive, plastic-shelled model.  Although the rumor mill has been working overtime on that one, there’s yet to be any solid evidence that a “budget iPhone” is what will be unveiled tomorrow.

The invitation is bright, colorful, and to the point with the words “This should brighten everyone’s day” hanging out under the Apple logo.  The Unofficial Apple Weblog suspects that the vibrant colored dots on the invite resemble iOS 7’s default wallpaper, and as such, some info on Apple’s latest mobile operating system is highly likely.

Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re 100% certain a new iPhone is going to be introduced by Apple at their event.  Two questions come to mind, the first being “when can I get mine?” To answer that, we have to again refer to the rumor mill which right now is point at around a September 20th launch date, but to know for sure, we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

A question many might not think to ask surrounding the announcement of a new Apple iPhone is “what happens to Apple?” Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank was curious about this and issued a research note to clients tracking the performance of Apples stock shares in the wake of each iPhone launch.  Research showed that shares of Apple increased following each iPhone launch, barring two.  The two exceptions thus far have been the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 5.  The research is interesting and may shed some light on to what might happen to Apple’s stock after the release of a new iPhone, but it should be noted that stock price is often influenced by a large number of factors.

What are you looking for in the next Apple iPhone?

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