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GoldenEar's New Speakers are Ready for CEDIA

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CEDIA is only a few short weeks away, and in preparation for the event, we’ll be checking some of the most exciting products that will be gracing the show floor.

GoldenEar, the home audio company best known for their “passion for sonic perfection,” will be at CEDIA, and they plan on rolling out their new speakers for the crowd.

Triton Seven High Resolution Towers

Triton’s line of award-winning tower speakers have been bringing big, booming sound to home theaters for years, but the new Triton Seven Tower brings that same high sound quality into a more compact size and an even more affordable price range. It’s unique cabinet shape is both acoustically purposeful as well as strikingly attractive. Although it’s the first Triton Tower without a built-in powered subwoofer, it still managers to achieve deep, subwoofer-like impactful bass performance by combining advanced technology drivers with sophisticated bass-loading technologies. At only 40.25 inches high, it’s 3.75 inches shorter than the Triton Three, and 6.75 inches shorter than the Triton Two. The Triton Seven may be the “little guy” of the family, but he’ll get his chance to shine at CEDIA- and hopefully win over a few new fans.

Invisa HTR 7000 & Invisa MPX

While they definitely have cool names, the actual audio capabilities of the Invisa HTR 7000 and Invisa MPX are even cooler. The speaker can be mounted on the ceiling or any home theater or music system, or can be used as a side or rear surround speaker. It’s flat, round magnetically attached micro-perf grille gives it an “invisible” look which will blend right in with the rest of your home theater set up. Even though it’s primarily a ceiling speaker, the unique Non-Periodic Waveform (NPW) Diffraction Control, Wave-Launch Construction, and FocusField Technology will never give you that “above sound” feeling. Your audio will appear as though it’s coming right from the front wall, rather than the ceiling, which makes for full, rounded sound instead of targeted racket.


Not all subwoofers are created equal, that’s for sure, but the Forcefield5 brings things to a whole new level. Their custom-designed high output drivers handle massive power, while keeping distortion levels ultra-low, and the soft, energy absorbing feet on every device make for significantly increased output at the lowest frequencies. The Forcefield5 incorporates all the advanced technology and innovative concepts introduced in the previous Forcefield line in a larger and even more powerful low-frequency beast.


Interested in seeing these amazing products in the flesh? Stop by Sound Room 6 at CEDIA 2013.

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