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Niles Audio Speakers "ROCK" the Outdoors

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When you’re creating an outdoor audio zone or outdoor entertainment area, it can be tough to find a reliable speaker that will not only outlast the craziest of weather conditions, but will also blend right in with the natural ambiance. While we’d all like to shove a giant sub-woofer behind the shed or disguise a big, gray speaker as some sort of side table, the Georealistic™ Pro Series Rock Speakers from Niles are the answer to all your outdoor design needs.

Engineered with a focus on durability, and designed to deliver an audiophile-quality performance in any outdoor setting, the GeoRealistic™ Pro Series is the next generation of high fidelity outdoor speakers. Featuring a new NoFade™ Protective Finish and four-layer fiberglass weave, the Pro Series speakers are built in a case strong enough to stand up to anything that Mother Nature can deliver, and are at least five times more durable and long-lasting than the current model of rock speakers, making them the perfect audio solution for any outdoor area.

Last year, Custom Retailer magazine awarded the GeoRealistic Pro Series Speakers with an EX!TE Award to honor their durability, design, and consumer satisfaction. Carrying on their award-winning tradition, Niles has also won two additional EX!TE awards this year for their Cynema Soundfield and their SI-1650 Amplifier.

When it comes to designing the backyard entertainment center of your dreams, Niles offers endless options for durable, quality sound.

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