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Savant Introduces Wireless, Automated SmartLighting

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You have a home wi-fi connection, right? Almost everyone does nowadays, and while most of us use it to stream movies through Netflix or play endless hours of Candy Crush on our smartphones, Savant recently shed some light (literally) on its new SmartLighting Wi-Fi Lighting Control System.

Let’s face it: you have a lot of lights in your home; table lamps, hanging fixtures, floor lamps, vanity lighting- the list goes on and on. Unlike outlet timers and other lighting automation systems, Savant’s SmartLighting creates a customized solution using a combination of keypad options. You can control any light in your home based on its location (room or area of the home), type (table lamp, hanging chandelier, etc…), or by energy usage. Since each keypad contains its own internal processor, it’s able to deliver real-time energy usage data in order to help you make better energy management decisions. For example, if you leave a light on in a room you’re not really using, the keypad will send a signal to your AppleĀ® iOS device through the Savant Wi-Fi lighting app (which will be available in October 2013).

One of the best parts about SmartLighting is its ability to retrofit. The entire system is wireless, so there’s no need to drill holes in your walls or completely renovate your home. SmartLighting can easily be installed right over your current electric lighting system, and doesn’t require any major changes, saving you both time and money.

Jim Carrol, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Savant, sums it up well:

“The elegance, simplicity and versatility of Savant’s Wi-Fi lighting products make lighting control a viable option for a broad new category of consumers. Now, the luxury and convenience of sophisticated lighting control can be achieved by leveraging an existing Wi-Fi network.”

SmartLighting works in either a residential or commercial setting, and Savant integrators are more than willing to design a customized solution that works in your space. Check out Savant’s site for more details.

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