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Mitsubishi Brings Home Theater to the Big Leagues

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Mitsubishi Electric has always been a reliable when it comes to bringing you quality home theater products, as they’re a big believer in achieving “higher standards of home entertainment,” but earlier this month, Mitsubishi took the home theater technology we know and love, and made it larger than life.

Two 3,385-inch Diamond Vision displays were installed at Houston, TX’s Reliant Stadium; home of the Houston Texans American football team and the planned site of the 2017 Super Bowl. Standing at 16.0 meters high and 84.5 meters wide, these displays are the largest in any sports facilities in North America and bring a whole new dynamic to in-game entertainment. They will be making their debut this Saturday, August 17, 2013, at the Texans’ preseason home opener.

The two Diamond Vision displays are 5.7 times larger than the previous displays, and were installed behind the north and south end zones. Reliant Stadium can hold more than 70,000 people, so checking the score, watching replays, and enjoying the halftime show will be easier than ever for the Texans’ adoring fans.

This wasn’t Mitsubishi’s first time installing Diamond Vision in a stadium. As a matter of fact, they’ve installed these beautiful Diamond Vision screens at four other major sports stadiums in the US, although none of them are as big as the ones at Reliant. Mitsubishi’s past installations include:

  • Two 1,421-inch displays at the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field
  • 767-inch display at the Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field
  • 1,280-inch display at the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park
  • Two 2,086 displays at the Dallas Cowboys” Cowboys Stadium
  • 1,400-inch display at the New York Yankees’ Yankee Stadium

And although most of us tend to pay more attention to the field (or our snacks) when watching the game, home theater enthusiasts are sure to also love these glorious new displays.

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