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Keep Your TV Indoors, Bring your SunBrite Out to Play

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Ever tried to use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone outside by the pool? While you may be able to listen to your tunes or send a quick text, there’s one thing that can ruin your day when viewing media outdoors: GLARE.

For years, consumer electronics manufacturers have tried to find a way to stop the glare, but still ensure quality, high-resolution media for their customers. They’ve tried to change the materials, the angles, even the color in order to help you see, but there’s just no use. Glare, dust, bugs, and other small annoyances will always ruin your outdoor viewing experience.

…Or at least that WAS the case until SunBriteTV came along.

SunBrite TVs are specially designed to fight back against the six main outdoor problems:

  • Salt Spray – If you’re anywhere near the ocean, or even if you live in a somewhat moist/humid environment, naturally occurring salt can slowly corrode the circuitry inside of your television. You may not even notice until it’s too late. SunBrite devices have protected inputs, which means salt won’t stand a chance at stopping you from watching Blu-rays by the barbecue.
  • Dust – There’s no getting around it- dust is everywhere, but unlike your average TVs, SunBrite televisions have built-in cooling systems that continuously flow air throughout the device in order to avoid dust build-up.
  • Insects – Not only do mosquitoes and flies love to bother you, but they love to hang out inside of your TV. The all-weather resin or aluminum exterior (depending on your preference) and special cooling duct filters work way better than bug spray (which you probably weren’t spraying on your TV, but still).
  • Heat – It’s no secret; electronics get HOT- especially if they’re sitting in the sun all day. The interior climate control system on your SunBrite TV keeps the unit cool 24/7, so there’s no need to worry about an internal meltdown.
  • Rain – Water can cause serious problems when it comes to your personal electronics, but thanks to the watertight cable entry system and water-resistant metal parts used in every SunBrite TV, your outdoor theater will stay safe and dry- even on the rainiest days.
  • Glare – The problem with most TVs is that they are simply too reflective, and the reflection is what causes the massive glare. SunBrite TVs are equipped with LCD panels that have a high haze factor. They absorb ambient light easily, which makes them resistant to glare.

If you’re looking to expand your home theater system into the great outdoors, SunBrite TVs are definitely the way to go. Leave the indoor TVs inside where they belong.

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