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Sony's New VAIO Ultrabooks are the "World's Lightest" Laptops

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Even in today’s world of smartphones and tablets, there are still some times when you just need a laptop. Only problem is, they’re usually a hassle to carry around. While most laptops average just over 2.5 lbs. in weight, Sony’s new VAIO Ultrabook™ laptops and touch Ultrabooks™ weigh in at just 1.92 lbs. and 2.34 lbs., respectively- giving Sony full “world’s lightest” bragging rights.

No matter what you use your computer for, the updated features and approved capabilities of the Pro 11 and Pro 13 Ultrabooks™ have a little something for everyone.

  • For the traveler who’s always on the go (and who sometimes forgets to bring their charger)– There is an optional extended sheet battery designed to double the battery life for both the Pro 11 and Pro 13 models. The sheet battery will keep your VAIO Ultrabook running for an extra 13-14 hours, so you won’t have to worry about finding a free electric outlet at the airport or borrowing your friend’s charger.
  • For the creative soul who loves to doodle – The intuitive digitizer stylus allows for a more accurate and natural writing experience. The pen is conveniently stored on the side of the device, and can be picked up at any time to write, draw, or tap the touchscreen effortlessly. Take quick notes or let out your artistic side without ever having to carry a real pen ever again.

  • For those of us who want the best of both worlds – Can’t decide between a conventional laptop and a tablet? The VAIO Duo 13’s Surf Slider® adjustable keyboard can be retracted when necessary and let’s you switch back and forth between touchscreen and traditional typing with ease.
  • For the social butterfly who loves to share – Near Field Communication technology (NFC) is included in all VAIO models, which lets users exchange website URLs and Bluetooth information simply by tapping one device to the other. No more writing down numbers or manually updating contact lists. Let the NFC do is all for you.
  • For the aspiring photographer/Instagram addict – The Exmor R® for PC CMOS Sensor technology developed by Sony provides high-quality camera functionality, and your photos will look brilliant on the TRILUMINOS Full HD display.
  • For those of us who need a little back-up sometimes – You never know when you might need some technical help when it comes to setting up your new device, installing a program, or anything that you just can’t figure out, the VAIO Pro 11/13 models come with an award-winning one-year limited warranty that includes in-home service and VAIO care software. Need a hand? There is literally an easy button right on the device- just press “ASSISTANCE” for instant help.

With so many amazing features, Sony is definitely reintroducing themselves as a major contender in the laptop and tablet markets. For more information and to try out the “world’s lightest” Sony VAIO Ultrabooks™ for yourself, check out the official site.

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