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When Selecting a Home Technology Specialist, Experience and Reputation Speak Volumes

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When it comes to bringing technology into the home, it can be intimidating. With the ever-growing number of consumer electronic product introductions, combined with evolving home, technology and communication standards, it has become near impossible for homeowners, and frankly even industry-insiders, to stay up to date on home technology products and solutions. Here’s where the expertise and experience of a reputable custom electronic system integration company comes in.

InnerSpace Electronics, Inc. is a home technology specialist that has helped and serviced homeowners throughout NY and across New England for 25 years. The award-winning company has designed and installed literally hundreds of home automation and entertainment systems, from dedicated home theaters that replicate the big-screen cinema experience, to cozy living room media systems. The company is a shining example of the type of company that homeowners should seek out.

Reputable home technology specialists help guide you through the process of designing, product selection, install and servicing smart home and home electronics systems that will best fit a room, the home and lifestyle. Services, expertise and experience vary, but InnerSpace for one provides a full list of services from selecting the electronics (which you would expect), to décor, furnishings and finishes to lighting fixtures, and even carpeting.

The company has also garnered an impressive portfolio of references and accolades; most recently awarded with the Gold Award from Electronic House magazine’s for the Best Home Theater Up to $25,000. The room stood out, yes because it features an impressive room design and high-performance, cinema-quality electronic equipment. But, it showcased the company’s ability to create a completely unique, automated entertainment environment perfectly suited for that room and family. The team applied a quarter-century of experience and technical knowledge to turn an odd-shaped room with little practical functionality, into a family theater retreat.

Like other home technology specialists, the InnerSpace Electronics team serves as the designers, integrators, teachers and problem solvers. The company’s award-winning projects are prime examples of the exciting lifestyle benefits that technology can bring to a home and the value that leading custom electronics system integrators bring to the table when embarking on a custom home build or home technology upgrade.

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