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Leon Speakers Blend Art and Audio

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Known for transforming installation and trade show demos into captivating works of art, Leon Speakers‘ sound sculpture at this year’s at InfoComm 2013 set the bar even higher.

The six-foot-by eight foot piece is comprised of a black background and white slats protruding out to nine inches, sculpted to depict the effortless flow of movement. Colored lights lining the top and bottom of the sculpture set the visual mood, while four channels of audio boasting four subwoofers and one tweeter per channel power the listening experience. The speakers hide behind the backboard, along with an embedded Sonos ZP90 amplifier.

Since the protruding slats vary in depth and shape, “as you walk by, the sound changes,” Kaplan told CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson. “The sound stage is so interesting because of the way it disperses naturally.”

Leon Speakers has made a few of these sound sculptures before, but no two look alike. Each is designed to suit the aesthetic and acoustical properties of a particular space.

Whether it’s through intriguing art installations or innovative audio products, Kaplan and the Leon crew have made it clear that they are dedicated to “changing the way speakers look forever.

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