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Battle for the Living Room: Xbox One VS. PS4

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With E3 now at a close, both Microsoft and Sony have had their chance to battle it out with their next generation consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4.  There’s a lot of controversy over the announcements that have been made over the past few days at E3 and we thought it might be helpful to break down the essential difference between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 to help make it easier to decide which next generation console you might buy this holiday season.  As additional details surface regarding these two consoles, we will keep you updated but as of right now, the following information is the most up to date available.


As far as availability, both consoles will be available for the 2013 holiday season around November.  Xbox One will set you back roughly $500 whereas the PS4 will set you back $400.  At face value it would appear that PS4 is the obvious winner in this category but it’s important to note that Xbox One includes the Kinect One for motion gaming whereas the PlayStation Move/Camera will be sold separately which will cost an additional $70-$130.  Keeping that in mind, the price of the two systems comes about to be about the same, but it’s nice to have the option to add those components at a later date if you deem it important to your gaming experience.


Let’s start with the similarities, both the Xbox One and PS4 will sport an AMD Jaguar x86 (8-core) CPU, 500 GB Hard drive, and Blu-Ray, DVD optical drive.  Graphics wise, the Xbox One will have an AMD GCN 768-SPU card where the PS4 will have an AMD GCN 1152-SPU card.  When it comes to memory the Xbox One will have an 8 GB DDR3 and the PS4 will have an 8 GB GDDR5.  Graphic and spec wise, the PS4 holds a slight edge over the Xbox One but it’s not significant enough to declare one a winner over the other.  Ultimately it will come down to how developers make the most of these two fairly even powerhouses.  It’s important to keep in mind many games releases will be cross platform so the graphics on one console will most likely not be any better than the other.


Both the Xbox One and PS4 will broadcast in 1080p & 4k visually with 7.1 surround sound for audio.  For A/V outputs, both consoles will support HDMI and Optical SPDIF but the PS4 will also support Analog.  The PS4 however does not have an A/V input where the Xbox One will support HDMI A/V input, allowing gamers to easily switch back and forth between gaming and live TV.


Aside from price, this is perhaps where the heart of the debate lies.  As far as operating systems go, the Xbox One will run a Triple-OS (combination of Xbox OS, Windows 8 kermel, and Virtualization OS).  This allows the Xbox One to enter *Snap Mode* where gamers can seamlessly multitask via Kinect One Voice Controls.  The PS4 will run on the PlayStation 4 OS.  Both consoles enable movies, music, streaming, and pictures only difference is Xbox One will enable live TV as well.

A critically important aspect of the two systems, when it comes to Used Game Policy, Xbox One used games will only be sold through authorized retailers where the PS4 has no such restrictions.  Equally important is the Game-Sharing capabilities of the two systems.  To share an Xbox One game with a friend, they must be on your friend list for at least 30 days, and you’re limited to one swap per game, so choose your friends wisely.  PS4 has no such restriction.

The Xbox One will be region-lock whereas the PS4 will be region free and both consoles will not be backwards compatible.  The PS4 will support off-line gaming where the Xbox One will need to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours to remain fully functional.


The online service for the Xbox One will be Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network will host the PS4.  Both consoles will have access to the online store via Xbox Live for the Xbox One and the PlayStation Store for the PS4.  Cost for the online subscription services will run an Xbox One gamer $10/month, $25/ 3 months, or $60 for the year where PlayStation Plus runs $50/year or $18/ 3 months.  Xbox One will be supported by Internet Explorer for the web and both consoles support cross game chat and game play record.

A list of which games will be available exclusively on each console is easily searchable and when it comes down to everything else, if the games are going to make or break your decision, you have that choice.  It is important to note however that the list of multiplatform games as of this date far exceeds the list of exclusive games for either console.


There’s a lot of information here and a lot of important takeaways.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s exciting that the next generation of gaming consoles has finally arrived as we can expect some great entertainment to come out of both systems.  Whichever console you decide is the best for your living room, rest assured it will provide hour of entertainment and fun, which in the end, is what it’s all really about.

Which next gen system will you go with? Let us know in the comments below!

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