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Forget the Cave. A Texas Man House is the Ultimate Entertainment Retreat for Dad

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The Man Cave House

“Man Cave” has become a ubiquitous term. It often refers to one room dedicated to Dad, or another male in the house, to host close friends and rivals for game days, a pool game or to enjoy drinks anytime. For some, the man-cave refers to a refinished basement with an installed flat screen TV and installed sound system. Others may have a pool table or bar area. Many custom homes boast dedicated theater with a jumbo- sized projection screen, custom seating and concession area where the males go to roost.

For the homeowners of this residence overlooking Galveston Bay in Texas, the man cave is, well, a stand-alone man house! Located just steps from the main house on the bay front property sits a 1,500 sq. ft. entertainment oasis that most men dream of, offering endless entertainment options including a high-performance Bowers & Wilkins speaker Samsung flat panel for game day, and a private poker table in its own room at the back of the building.

While the space allows anytime entertaining, at any volume level, it did present a challenge during the installation process as the homeowners asked that both the main house and the man cave share one network, automation system and audio/video distribution system.

Premier Technology Group is the Houston-based home technology specialist company tasked with the job. Not only did they outfit both the main house and the man cave with all the lighting, automation, security and entertainment systems, but they cleverly integrated all the electronic systems together making it easy for the family to use, understand and enjoy most features from inside the man cave, as well as the main house. Here’s how.

The man cave has its own lighting control system and security system, but shares its Savant automation control system, audio/video systems and network with the main home via fiber optic cable run over 100 yards underground from the house to the cave. Premier ran fiber cable encased in PVC pipe laid in a custom dug trench now covered by gorgeous bayside landscaping extending from the main house, through the backyard. The fiber cable is ideal for fast AV distribution, performs better over longer distances than regular copper wire, and helps future-proof the distributed music system, video distribution and entertainment included in the space for years to come.

Premier Technology Group is an electronic systems integrator and HTSA member based in Houston, TX. Home automation and entertainment technology integrators can help you create electronic environments in your home, or outdoors, that provide you and your family with enhanced security, enjoyment and control.

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