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Lutron Receives Corporate Grand Maestro Hall of Fame Award from the Da Vinci Science Center

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In a smart, connected home, saving money and energy is as easy as flipping a switch (or having that switch programmed to flip automatically when needed). But behind the scenes, a lot of innovative science and engineering goes into designing those energy-saving electronics, and in recognition of Lutron’s innovations in that field, the company has been awarded the 2013 Corporate Grand Maestro Hall of Fame Award by the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The Grand Maestro Hall of Fame Award – which not only honors students who show a unique passion for science and the educators who inspire them, but also corporate partners who support the Da Vinci Science Center’s mission – was given in honor of Lutron’s half-century of creativity and passion for energy savings, starting with the first solid-state dimmer designed by Lutron founder Joel Spira in 1959 – which is now on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC – and followed by more than 19,000 energy-saving products for residential and commercial spaces in the years since.

The award also acknowledges Lutron’s contribution to the Da Vinci Science Center itself, including an interactive exhibit donated by the company in 2011, which gives kids hands-on experience with lighting control, and demonstrates how Lutron products save an estimated 10 billion kWh of electricity – approximately $1 billion worth – every year.

“Lutron Electronics embodies all of the qualities for which the Grand Maestro Corporate Award stands,” said Lin Erickson, Da Vinci Science Center Executive Director and CEO. “By pursuing his ideas with creativity and passion, Joel Spira started a revolution that literally has changed the way we see the world around us with groundbreaking technology. Lutron’s contributions to the scientific community of our region and our world are truly legendary.”

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