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Twitter Opens Up #music to All

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Early Thursday morning Twitter announced they were releasing Twitter #music to the public.  #music is Twitters’ stand-alone music discovery app that up until now was only available to a very exclusive invite-only group of celebrities and some others.  The official reveal happened Thursday morning during “Good Morning America” but Twitter provided more details about the service later in the day in the form of a blog post.

The general public can now download the iOS app via Apple’s App Store or simply access the Web version at  If you live in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, or Zealand, you’re in luck as that is where the app will be first available.  Over time Twitter will bring the service to the Android platform as well as more countries.  So how does this sorcery work?

Twitter is hopeful that the feature-packed #music will be the new service that will change the way people discover music, all based on Twitter.   Based off of Twitter activity, which includes Tweets and engagement, the service will detect the most popular tracks and emerging artists.  Users will be able to view artist’s profiles to see what other musicians they follow and what music (outside of their own) they like.  It wouldn’t be Twitter if users couldn’t tweet songs right from the app so don’t worry, that’s a feature too.

Currently Twitter is pulling its music from three different sources; iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.  When exploring music within the app, users will automatically hear previews pulled from iTunes but Rdio and Spotify subscribers can take advantage of their account and log in to list to full tracks available through those services.  Twitter plans to continue exploring and adding other music services.

If you have an overwhelming urge to jump over and check out the app right this minute, I wouldn’t blame you but let me help break down the app to make it a little easier to navigate.  #NowPlaying will show you which songs have been tweeted by artists as well as by people that a user follows.  The “Suggested” tab does exactly what the name implies and makes recommendations of artists a user might like whereas the “Popular” tab will show a user which songs are trending.   A “Profile” tab will show which artists a person follows.

Ultimately the service seems like an awesome way to discover some new songs and artists you might have otherwise had limited to no access to.  While you’re scrolling through a chart and want to learn more about a band you know nothing about, you can tap on their avatar and see what their top song is.  If you like them, you can click to follow them right from the chart of tap their username to be brought directly to their profile.

Twitter is awesome and music is awesome so the combination of the two will be awesome squared.  As if we don’t already spend enough time on Twitter at least now we can cleverly call it ‘music discovery time’ while we’re at work.

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