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IC Realtime Adds 20,000 Sq. Foot Integration Center

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Sometimes seeing really is believing.

Especially when it comes to the integration of technology — the end-user wants to see how the product will function, what it looks like installed, and whenever available, the opportunity to “test drive” innovative new solutions before implementation. And if you happen to be one of those hands-on consumers, who like to make a decision after you’ve touched and tested a new product, then IC Realtime’s new integration center is exactly the place for you.

IC Realtime, a global manufacturer of advanced visual surveillance solutions for residential and commercial applications, has recently expanded its Florida offices to introduce a brand-new 20,000 square foot integration center that affords end-users and prospective buyers the chance to see its solutions in action.

Now open and fully-operational, the center adds a demonstration showroom, a dedicated training center, and an expanded tech support / R&D lab.

The first thing visitors experience when they enter IC Realtime’s main corporate entrance is the fully-equipped showroom replete with individual workstations demonstrating the company’s many analog and IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Apps and accessories—all live, in action. Also in place are workstations that show IC Realtime’s products fully-integrated into RTI, Control4, Crestron and Savant environments.

In the middle of the showroom stands a display center equipped with all the mobile devices that the company supports including Kindle, Windows 8, Android and Apple (both mobile and home) platforms. 

Another focal point of the showroom is a demonstration of IC Realtime’s I-Sniper technology, which illustrates how special sensors in the cameras capture images in detail both night and day, even under challenging mixed-lighting conditions. This “pixel-by-pixel” enhancement technology is created exclusively for IC Realtime by Pixim, Inc.

IC Realtime integration center

IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor has opened the showroom to security and AV dealers interested in demonstrating the company’s solutions to their clientele. In addition, Sailor intends to fly-in dealers from around the U.S. to experience the showroom and get better acquainted with IC Realtime.

IC Realtime’s sales and technical teams are also available to conduct demonstrations to dealers and their clientele. Standard showroom hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Special after-hours appointments can be made as well. 

Annexed to the showroom is a brand-new training center that comfortably seats 40 people. Making for more interactive and robust training sessions, the facility incorporates digital whiteboards that communicate via Bluetooth. IC Realtime plans to offer educational classes throughout the year that earn participants 2 CEDIA University credits.

Also in place is a new-and-improved lab that IC Realtime uses for research and development and technical support. The lab is 4 times larger than the company’s previous lab and incorporates new testing areas for newly developed product, R&D equipment, and specialty projects. In total the company employs more than 30 people in the lab.

According to Sailor, the integration center cost IC Realtime more than $300,000 to build. “We’ve put our money where our mouth is here,” said Sailor. “The showroom is designed to show—not talk about—how our products truly integrate with these multiple platforms.”

The integration center is situated at IC Realtime’s U.S. headquarters, located at 3050 North Andrews Ave Extension, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, only minutes from Interstate I-95. Dealers interested in visiting should call 954.772.5327 or email

Later this year, IC Realtime plans to up the ante in their Arizona office as well, with the intent of putting in a 10,000 square foot integration center.

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