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The City in the Sky Awaits: BioShock Infinite

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Although it is only March, game enthusiasts around the world are already saying that the game of the year has been released.  Gamers everywhere are drooling over the third installment in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite.  Although the game is not part of the original storyline of previous BioShock games, players (myself included) will be thrilled to know the newly release game features similar gameplay, concepts, and themes, all features we have grown to love and expect from BioShock.

Released at midnight on March 26th, the game was launched worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.  The game was preceded by an ebook called Mind in Revolt which offers readers greater detail about the world of Columbia and its inhabitants before the events of the game begin.  Don’t worry, the ebook doesn’t spoil any of the mysteries of BioShock Infinite, just helps players better understand the world they are about to play through, the struggles between its factions, and the motivations of key characters.  The ebook was released February 12th for Kindle, affordably priced under $3.  So if you haven’t picked your copy up yet and want the side scoop before you start playing, check out Mind in Revolt.

Set in 1912 during the growth of American Exceptionalism, gamers control protagonist Booker DeWitt who is sent to the marvelous floating air-city of Columbia to locate a young woman who has been held captive there for a number of years.  What players will find the same as the previous award-winning BioShock games is DeWitt’s combined use of weapons, gear, and psychokinetic powers to fight their way through the city.  One of the largest features players of the previous BioShock games might have a difficult time wrapping their head around is the setting of the new game.  Unlike the confined, dark limited spaces of the underwater city of Rapture, the bright open-air city of Columbia provides more combat challenges which players are sure to find refreshing after some getting used to the environment vertigo.

As the interactive environment unfolds before DeWitt’s feet, players will be offered choices, some quick decision, others where the game will patiently await your response, all of which will have some impact on the flow of future gameplay.  A feature many gamers will think is awesome is Infinite’s inclusion of an optional ‘1999 Mode’ where the decisions made by the player will have a more permanent impacts on the game,  creating some interesting scenarios for players to play through.

Because BioShock Infinite features similar gameplay to the other games in the BioShock series despite not being a continuation, players are sure to love the game whether we’ve played every BioShock game to date or never played one in their life.  If you were looking for a gem of advice in this article when it comes to actually playing through BioShock Infinite, I will leave you with this.  Take your time playing this game, there’s so much to discover and experience this is not a game you’ll want to blow through.

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