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Jamming Out to Electronic Jam Band Lotus

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Lotus Build

Let’s be honest, jam bands normally get a bad rap and if you’re one of those people who generally dislike jam bands, then my goal by the end of this short article is for you to give one particular band more consideration.  For those of you who don’t know what a jam band is, they are generally musical groups whose live performances and released albums often feature extended musical improvisations (or ‘jams’) over rhythmic chord progressions and grooves and long sets that cross genre boundaries.   Lotus happens to be an excellent example of a band in this genre and a band you should check out the next time you’re on the prowl for some new ear candy.

Lotus released Build on February 19th in 2013 and guitarist Luke Miller says, “I think this is our tightest and best sounding album yet.”  Utilizing their foundation of beats, evoking vinyl breaks, house and big-beat Build is nothing short of a funky dance party from start to finish. Formed in 1999 at Goshen College in Indiana Build is the bands tenth album and showcases live drums, guitar, organ, and horns with electronic elements peppered throughout.  The ten songs on the album “have a largeness that match Lotus move from clubs into premier venues around the country.”

Part of what makes Lotus and bands similar to them so great is their musical style.  As a multi-genre group incorporating elements of rock, electronic, jazz, and funk listeners can find something they like in every song.  Their easy listening style and general lack of lyrics, with the exception of some sampling they throw in tastefully every once and a while, make them ideal to listen to any where you want to vibe and mellow out.  Check out their website here where you can jam out to some of the tracks of their new album!

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