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New Lutron Technology Enables Dimming of Any LED Downlight

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As LEDs continue to gain prominence in residential and commercial applications, so increases the need to dim these energy-efficient sources. Lutron Electronics, the company that pioneered dimming more than 50 years ago, is introducing a higher power LED driver that significantly expands the capabilities of its already popular A-Series driver family. With this introduction, users can easily control LED downlights intended for use in high ceilings and in areas that require more light. The new 50W Hi-lume® A-Series LED driver is designed for use with higher power LED modules, including Philips Fortimo 3000lm and Xicato 3000lm models, among others.

Featuring smooth, flicker-free performance, the new 50W driver provides LED dimming from 100% down to 1%. The driver also has a calibration point temperature of 70˚C, enabling exceptional performance in demanding applications–atriums, houses of worship, high ceiling commercial and residential applications–without requiring a fan.

This new platform makes LED lighting even more versatile and offers expanded opportunities in the architectural market,” said Eric Lind, Vice-President, Global Specifications at Lutron. “This one driver offers smooth and continuous dimming for virtually any fixture and can be software-configured into almost 7,000 unique models. It is truly one of the most versatile drivers available today,” he said.

In an industry of evolving LED module designs, Lutron provides driver solutions that meet every design need:

  • Full compatibility – support constant-current and constant-voltage outputs over a wide range of current and voltage levels for driving LED loads
  • Provide constant-current reduction (CCR) and pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming options for constant current loads

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