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HiFi House Goes One-on-One with Sandy Gross of GoldenEar Technology

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When you’re an audiophile – or simply a lover of good music and even better sound – the idea of speaking to an industry legend, such as GoldenEar‘s Sandy Gross, is beyond magical. Well that’s exactly what our friends at HiFi House had the opportunity to do, as they sat down with the audio powerhouse to discuss everything from technology evolution and aesthetics to the brand’s new elegant SuperCinema 3D Array.

Specifically, when living in a household that values both sound quality and visual appeal, it can be difficult to agree on the proper speaker set-up. Seeing the opportunity that lay before them, the team at GoldenEar has created the ultimate solution – the ultra-sleek, SuperCinema 3D Array. According to HiFi House, “easily mountable and less than three-inches deep, the 49-inch-wide SC3DA is an space-conscious audio lover’s dream come true”. GoldenEar does a fantastic job of combining the aesthetics and low profile of a soundbar with the audio quality of larger, floor-standing speakers, and specifically, the SC3DA is a nearly perfect compromise that doesn’t force you to sacrifice sound for design.

Most soundbars don’t do a very good job with music. When we showed this at CES, two writers gave it ‘Best Sound at the Lowest Price’ for two-channel music,” boasts GoldenEar Technology co-founder Sandy Gross, offering fantastic news if you value music over movies.

Giving it the thumbs up, the team at HiFi House agree that of course, home theater and surround-sound buffs are still sure to adore the SC3DA.

Unlike most powered soundbars (which sport built-in amplification and a tendency toward lackluster performance and expandability), the SC3DA is passive, allowing you to connect it to an amplifier of your choosing.

While Gross admits that the SC3DA is easily powered by most entry-level amplifiers, GoldenEar finds that many customers are pairing it with more powerful, high-end amplifiers.

You’re not limited in terms of electronics, the quality, or the power,” notes Gross, pointing out that the SC3DA gives you the opportunity to design your system to your own specifications, even when working within a modest budget.

This approach also allows you to enhance your setup by including a ForceField subwoofer for some added “oomph” in the low-end, and even a set of SuperSat satellite speakers for a true surround-sound experience.

But sometimes, space is an issue; GoldenEar understands that, which is why the SC3DA was developed using inter-aural crosstalk cancellation technology. This prevents your left ear from picking up stray sounds from the right speaker – and vice versa – resulting in a vast soundstage and three-dimensional playback.

We conceived [the SC3DA] to be used with surround speakers, but if you turn off the rear surrounds, it feeds that surround signal into the left and right front channels,” says Gross. “Because of the crosstalk cancellation, [the SC3DA] still does a really good job of creating that surround-sound experience while giving it a major advantage over other premium soundbars in the market.

If you’re considering the SuperCinema 3D Array for yourself, Gross insists on only one thing:

You need to hear it to believe it.

You heard it from the man himself, impressive sound quality in a svelte package. If you’re in the market for some new audio equipment, GoldenEar is  certainly a fool-proof option. And once again, a very special thanks to our friends at HiFi House for sharing their exclusive interview with us!

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