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Mumford and Sons Kick Off 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Tour in Boston with Explosive Energy

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Mumford and Sons kicked off their “Gentlemen of the Road” Tour at the TD Garden in Boston, MA and if this show is any indication of how the rest of the tour will go, then every single stop on the tour is in for a once in a lifetime performance.  For their latest tour Mumford and Sons have brought on Ben Howard as their first opener and though his set is short, it’s well worth getting to the venue on time to catch.  Howard opened the show with a couple songs featuring what some refer to as ‘August Rush Style’ or others describe as ‘touch style’ and played songs mostly off his first studio album Every Kingdom  a great addition to anyone’s music collection.

The Felice Brothers have also been brought on board as the second opener for the tour.  As a folk rock/country rock band from Upstate New York, founded in 2006, they have quite a number of albums out, releasing at least one a year since their foundation.  The Felice Brothers started their set with real high energy, and then mellowed out a bit spiking back up with higher, more intense energy every few songs.  After the Felice Brother set, the giant “Gentlemen of the Road” curtains went up and a packed TD Garden awaited the headliner for the evening.

Around 9pm the massive curtains dropped and Mumford and Sons jumped right into the debut track off their newest album ‘Babel’.  As a sold out show, close to twenty thousand people cheered, sang and clapped along to their favorite Mumford and Sons songs as they ran through an amazing set list.

Based off how many songs I knew all the words to and how close to the stage I was (see photo) I am deeming this concert the best show I have ever been to.  Ever.  Mumford and Son’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal for the entire ninety minutes they were on stage.  Their energy super charged the crowd for the entire show and their set list sampled everyone’s favorite songs.  Mumford and Sons played not one, but two encores.  The first of which they performed from a small platform in the middle of the arena before returning to the stage to close out the show with ‘The Cave’.  Needless to say, if Mumford and Sons decides to come back and play a show anywhere remotely close to me again, I will be seeing them and if they’re playing anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and buy tickets before they sell out your local venue too!

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