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Hot HDTV Deals for the Holidays

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When it comes to high-def home entertainment, many agree that the TV is certainly the center of attention.

Whether its gathering your family around for a holiday movie marathon or keeping your eyes peeled on the big game, your TV can truly make or break the entire media experience – so why opt for some no-name brand doorbuster deal just because that specific model happens to save you a couple of bucks? The holidays are a time for giving, and here’s your chance to give a little entertainment cheer to your loved ones – and yourself.

Be warned, this HDTV round up isn’t for the faint of heart. Although these models may not necessarily be the cheapest, they aren’t the most expensive either. And what each can promise you is a bevy of features and the high-quality performance you deserve:

Mitsubishi 82-inch WD-73724

A DLP rear projection TV with a little more than 20 inches deep – yes it’s possible and it’s also 82 inches wide (diagonally), making this about the biggest TV you can get for $2K. The WD-73724 also includes the full suite of Vudu apps (including Vudu 3D), 3D glasses and a built-in sound system. If you have the space available, this Mitsubishi option happens to be an excellent way to get a massive, high-quality picture in your family room for less money than one would expect.

Panasonic TC-P50ST50 55-inch Plasma

Panasonic’s 55-inch plasma, utilizes an active shutter progressive 3D mehtod, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate 3D media experience, while alternately showing images for the left and right eyes. The left and right lenses of the eyewear open and close in sync with this display timing to show separate images to the left and right eyes. By repeating this action at high speed, the brain perceives 3D images. And because this method displays FULL HD 3D images just as they are, both eyes receive 3D images in high, full-HD quality. Additionally, the brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness of colors are finely compensated in each scene, allowing for highly vivid colors to be produced with hardly any mutual interference. Another cool aspects is that people’s faces are also detected, and skin tones are beautifully corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions.

Samsung LED 55-inch UNES6580

This Samsung model includes all the important performance and fun features you need – you do get a thin LED TV with a 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, four pairs of 3D glasses, built-in Wi-Fi, an included Skype camera and an excellent assortment of online apps in Samsung’s SmartHub. You may not get some of the voice and motion control bells and whistles, but you do get a stellar picture and the chance to save a few hundred dollars.

LG LM7600 LED 3D Smart TV

LG’s passive 3D technology makes the 3D experience a lot easier to obtain, without having to drop a lot of cash on high-tech equipment. This particular LG model also comes loaded with additional features, including built-in Wi-Fi, six sets of 3D glasses, a super-thin bezel, a Magic Motion remote – particularly useful for web browsing – and an easy-to-use picture wizard to make setup a breeze.

As you browse some of our favorite HDTV solutions, keep in mind that a professional’s opinion is always helpful and can go a long way in helping you find the perfect TV for your home and lifestyle. Be sure to visit your local dealer for more information, you may even find he or she can offer a great deal of installation and set-up along with a competitive price on the TV.

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