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URC Complete Control Mobile iOS App Now Available

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Exciting news for mobile device AND smart home lovers – URC has announced to availability of the company’s Complete Control™ Mobile iOS app (MX-iOS). The new app allows end users to control their home systems from three extremely popular consumer devices—the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Complete Control Mobile, like URC’s previously announced Total Control® Mobile app for whole-house control, provides “iAccess” for URC Complete Control one-room or multi-room control systems.

The app leverages the local area IP network to transform end users’ iDevices into convenient mobile devices for control of AV, home theater, lighting and more. Its customizable interface enables the custom installer to design control screens with the buttons and functions that best suit the user’s personal preferences and lifestyle.

From setting a DVR and navigating favorite channels to controlling music, volume, URC Lighting and countless other devices, users gain all that’s needed for their iDevices to securely control the things that are most important to them, from anywhere in or around a home or commercial building. And, because of URC’s extensive, time-tested code base, virtually any AV component can be easily incorporated.

The Complete Control Mobile App works in conjunction with URC’s MRX-1 Network Base Station. The end user downloads the app for free from the Apple iTunes® store. The custom integration professional then properly pairs the user’s iDevices with the MRX-1 via a handy setup card. For an initial setup fee of $199.00 MSRP, unlimited iOS devices can be activated on any home system. Once the app is activated, additional iPads and other iDevices can be added at any time in the future by the custom installation professional for normal service charges.

“While there are places in a home or business where it’s certainly ideal to have a dedicated URC remote or control device, we recognize many consumers want to use their iDevices for control as well,” said Doug Cole, URC’s senior vice president and general manager. “URC now offers the best of both worlds: our industry-leading remote controls, touchscreens and keypads, along with an intuitive and easy-to-deploy iOS app. What’s more, Complete Control Mobile’s ease of implementation and low cost make it very easy for dealers to explain, demonstrate and sell the app to their clients.”

Additionally, the new URC app also allows for a new level of demonstration convenience, enabling dealers to create a custom program, download it to their own iPad or iPhone, and demonstrate the program and a real-world application to their clients, without the need to have an MRX-1 connected.

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