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Combining Outdoor Living with a High-Tech Media Experience

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When we think of “outdoor entertainment,” it’s generally hot weather and music that come to mind—speakers shaped like planters and rocks, designed to keep the tunes flowing on the patio or by the pool while guests chow down on barbeque and soak up some sun. And in terms of visuals, for most of us, any outdoor video entertainment tends to be a rare treat, on a hastily assembled screen, during an unexpectedly comfortable summer evening.

But one family in Thousand Oaks, CA – where the average highs run the gamut from a balmy 68° in the dead of winter to a comfy 82° during the dog days of summer – dreamt of something a little more than that: they wanted an entertainment space that combined all of the comforts of a high-tech indoor media room with the perks of their outdoor lifestyle. To make this dream a reality, they sought the help of their local custom electronics system integrator at Wilshire Home Entertainment to build it.

Bringing Entertainment Outdoors

The resulting system is a gorgeous 400-square-foot living room—outdoors—adjacent to the indoor great room, complete with a 46-inch TV, all around audio, its own remote control, and the ability to share sources like the great room’s Sony BDPS580 Blu-ray Player for movie night.

Of course, setting up an entertainment system outside does come with some unique concerns. Even with the patio’s protected overhang and the indoor-like climate of Thousand Oaks, most TVs would struggle with the bugs, dust, variable moisture of the outdoors, and of course the salty ocean breeze. To combat the elements, Wilshire Home Entertainment installed a 46-inch SunBriteTV Model 4660HD Outdoor All-Weather LCD Television, whose watertight design and integrated cooling system protect it from Mother Nature, as well as the hearthless fireplace below it.

Although the SunBriteTV comes with its own water-resistant remote control, the installers at Wilshire Home Entertainment replaced it with a MXW920 Splash Proof Remote Control from URC to give the family one-button control over all of the electronics shared between the indoor and outdoor systems, including the Integra DTR-50.3 AV Receiver.

While the Integra provides superior cinematic surround sound in the great room, that same sound effect wouldn’t quite work outdoors, where seating options vary—it’s just as likely that the family and guests may sit far at the bar on one end of the patio as it is that they may perch themselves in the seating area near the TV. To ensure that everyone can enjoy performance worthy sound, the folks at Wilshire worked to craft more all-inclusive, event stereo sound coverage throughout the patio area, as well as on the deck above, with a combination of Niles IntelliControl ICS RWC7SI 7″ Stereo Input Rear Wave Control Loudspeakers and a Niles PS6Si Stereo Input Planter Speaker upstairs.

The resulting system delivers nothing short of a stunning audio-video performance. The new entertainment system provides the family with a poolside lounge area perfect to watch a game by day and entertain guests at night. With an outdoor entertainment system like this, it’s no surprise that the family’s favorite entertainment room in the house is neither a room, nor in the house.

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