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Appy Thanksgiving! Yes, There is an App for That.

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With Thanksgiving just days away let the party planning and food preparations begin.

There’s really nothing better than Thanksgiving morning, as you awake to the smell of a roasting turkey and fresh baked pies as you eagerly await the arrival of family and friends. For some – mainly those who spend hours in the kitchen chopping, slicing, kneading and mixing – the day may not be quite as relaxing. But with the help of a little mobile technology, orchestrating your Thanksgiving festivities can be easier than ever.

From planning and shopping to kids activities and recipe search, there are a bountiful array of Thanksgiving-friendly apps for both Apple products and Android that can help you streamline your holiday preparations. Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving inspired apps below:

Celebrate! with Better Homes & Gardens – Throwing the perfect holiday party has never been simpler, or more fool-proof, thanks to the all-new Celebrate! app from the editors of Better Homes & Gardens. Designed for the iPad, Celebrate! provides users with a plethora of tips ranging from recipe suggestions, decor tips, iTunes playlists and much more.

Paprika Recipe Manager – The first thing you’ll need when you’re planning your Thanksgiving day meal is a good recipe manager – so why not give Paprika a try! Paprika Recipe Manager is an elegant, intuitive system for managing all of your favorite and new-found recipes. Did you come across a few holiday recipes you liked on the web? Clip them into your Paprika Mac App, then open up your Paprika for iPhone app (or the iPad!) and find the recipes waiting for you! Additionally, the Paprika Recipe Manager will compile a complete shopping list you can bring to the store with you – enabling easy, effortless meal planning.

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach – Similar to other Thanksgiving menu-maker apps, CHOW is your personal Thanksgiving assistant, made for the iPhone. CHOW has nine basic recipes from which to choose (enough to create a traditional turkey feast with all the trimmings), striving to really help you get organized. From creating a shopping list for you, to day-by-day and hour-by-hour instructions, this app will help you get it all together in time for the big feast.

Timer+ – This may be the best one yet! If you’ve ever struggled with having to remember cook times for several different dishes, and juggle multiple timers, you’ll appreciate Timer+ for the iPhone and iPad. Allowing yout to set multiple timers at once, Time+ can time by the second, minute or hour, all while running in the background so you’re free to use other apps. With 7 alarms total, it’s one of the most useful apps out there for us multi-taskers!

iFeast Thanksgiving – Hailed as one of the most comprehensive and helpful of Thanksgiving apps on the market, iFeast is perfect for those of you planning a large, detail-oriented family event. iFeast can help you synchronize your meal prep work and cook times so that everything makes it to the table hot and delicious. It comes preloaded with four menus, all of which are prescheduled with a countdown so that you can get your meal to the table by 6 p.m. Of course, you can also enter your own recipes and schedules for a bit of added customization. You can also use the settings to schedule push notifications so that you know when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to get back to cooking.

Thanksgiving Countdown – If you’re looking to add a little pizazz to your holiday get-together, what’s more fun then a little trivia? if you have a few minutes to spare in between stuffing the turkey and setting the table, check out the super-cool Thanksgiving Countdown app, chock full of Thanksgiving puzzles and facts. It features simple but challenging slide puzzles, and every time you solve one, you are rewarded with a Thanksgiving fact so you can wow family and friends at the dinner table.

Color: Thanksgiving – Need something to keep the kids busy while you finish up the last of your holiday trimmings? Occupy them with this neat little Android app, Color: Thanksgiving. Easily accessible digital images for kids to “color” in their own way, helping to gear them up for the big feast.

A little tech can certainly go a long way in helping you prep and celebrate this Thanksgiving; be sure to let us know if you test out any of these Turkey Day apps.

From all of us at, Happy Thanksgiving!


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