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Beautiful, Affordable LEED Certified Homes Prove that Technology is the Key to Green Living

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If you’re passionate about green living and in the market for a new home, before you start drafting up the plans check out this story from TreeHugger about the amazing and amazingly affordable LEED Certified prefab homes from LivingHomes.

Before you start singing “little boxes made of ticky-tacky” in your head, peruse the galleries at the LivingHomes website to see just how gorgeous, modern, and customizable prefabricated homes have become. To achieve LEED certification, LivingHomes’ designs feature a number of stylish and sustainable materials, from bamboo floors to fiber cement cladding (the latter of which can be upgraded to bug-repellant cedar siding at the cost of a few LEED points), from low-VOC paint to emission-free cabinetry.

But the green touches aren’t limited to merely the building materials. These prefab homes—which start at just $145/square foot and run from $179,000 to $589,030—also come equipped with a number of technological innovations to save money and energy, from upgradable Energy Star appliances, to integrated environmental energy monitoring systems, tankless water heaters, smart thermostats, and in some models, even integrated lighting control. Each model is also fully photovoltaic-ready—you’ll just need to hire a local contractor to install the solar panels.

Of course, you don’t have to buy a new prefab home to take advantage of the green technological advantages of LivingHomes’s offerings. You can start small, and install retrofit solutions as budget allows, like replacing your existing light switches with lighting control dimmers and switches from Lutron, which not only enhance your lifestyle, but can easily save you 20%-60% in lighting energy costs.

LED lighting is another way to drastically cut down on your energy bill, as well as reducing waste from replacement bulbs.

Why not also give your kitchen an overhaul with green appliances and energy-saving apps, all of which can ease the power consumption of one of the most energy-hungry rooms in the home?

There are also any number of retrofit energy monitoring solutions that will allow you to keep tabs on when, where, and how you’re consuming the most electricity, and enable you to make smarter choices about how you consume.

The point is, a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be one of asceticism. Smart technology can help you not only save money in the long run, but also decrease your impact on the environment, while enhancing the style and function of your home, whether you’re remodeling, designing a new domicile, or even opting for one of the gorgeous modern prefab dwellings from LivingHomes.

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