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Smart Apps that Promote Halloween Safety

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We rely on our smart phones for a lot.

Whether it’s basic everyday functions like tracking calendar appointments, monitoring emails and creating your grocery list, or more personalized tasks such as scheduling bill payments and mapping the length of your early morning run, there seems to be an app for just about everything.

With so many of us leading this same connected lifestyle, it should come as no surprise that there are also a variety of ways your smart phone can keep your family safe this Halloween. From an unexpected thunderstorm to potentially dangerous crime, these apps keep you in-the-know and aware of specific issues both within your community and in your home.

The Weather Channel: Check the weather before you head out the door or during your candy collection to keep abreast of changing temperatures or an impending rain shower. The Weather Channel offers a free app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows-powered smart phones, letting you track hourly coverage and temperatures, review Doppler radar and access a variety of local weather alerts.

Patch Media: Patch Media Corporation has launched their free Patch app that keeps you connected via local, popular news. By simply entering your town name, you can receive up-to-the-minute updates that cover the latest news, community events and business listings. Oftentimes, many local Patch sites will also report crimes and emergency situations that are occurring within the community. As frequent as these notices are updated, the information becomes available, allowing you to stay on top of potentially dangerous situations in your area.

Circle of 6: By allowing your teen to store up to six VIP contacts in his/her circle, the Circle of 6 app allows users to alert their emergency contacts about uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations. Need help getting home? Need an interruption? With just two simple touches users can let their trusted circle know where they are currently located and what form of help or assistance they may need.

Various icons make it easy to cue emergency contacts, letting them know what action is needed; for example the phone icon asks the circle to call the user to interrupt an uncomfortable situation, while the car icon sends out a text message asking the circle to come pick up the user at his/her current location, which is delivered via a Google Maps link.

Kids ID: Every parent’s worst nightmare is a missing child, but with the Kids ID app guardians can create a specific file for each child, which includes their current picture and vital statistics. The information can be directly emailed to your local police department should something happen. There is also an interactive checklist you can follow which guides you through the right steps and course of action you should take within minutes of a child’s disappearance.

Control4 MyHome: Many worry that Halloween’s dark theme causes a spike in crime, whether that be minor vandalism or full-blown burglary, so it’s natural that the safety and security of your home is weighing on your mind. While wandering throughout the neighborhood, in search of sugary treats, Control4 customers can keep tabs on your smart home via the Control MyHome app. The MyHome family of software apps allows users to access and control lighting, temperature, music, movies energy and security and more from a wide range of devices within a Control4 enabled home. By transforming your smart phone into a dedicated user interface you can manage and monitor various aspects of your smart home, while also receiving text alerts in the event that you forgot to lock your back door. Control4 MyHome software makes it easy to keep an eye on your home and its various high-tech devices so that when you return home you aren’t greeted with any mishaps or surprises.

Apps can be used for an abundant of tasks, whether that’s to keep you organized, deliver you information, or in this instance ensure that you have a happy and secure Halloween. Be sure to check out these safety-inspired apps and let us know which you find most valuable this holiday!

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