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The Ultimate Tailgate: SunBriteTV Brings Entertainment Out of the Shade, Into the Sun

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Summer is officially over, which means that most of you are probably already dreaming about next summer’s cookouts, backyard parties, and lazy days by the pool with a level of anticipation that verges on obsession. Instead of moping over the few (if any) remaining days you have in the sun, why not start sprucing the yard up for next year?

Like, say, with one of SunBriteTV’s new Marquee Series all-weather outdoor televisions?

Outdoor TVs have been around for a while now, and no company is more closely identified with the category than SunBriteTV. The biggest “yeah, but…” with outdoor TVs, though, is that they’ve never played well with sunlight. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of that outdoors (assuming you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, that is).

SunBriteTV’s Marquee Series steps out of the shade and into the full-blown elements with a new design that promises full visibility with no isotropic blackout effects, even in full sunlight, at up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. (For you Packers fans in the audience, the TVs can also operate down to a bone-chilling -40 degrees F. At that point, though, there’s no guarantee that your front paws will actually be able to operate the weatherproof remote control.)

The new sun-fighting TVs come in two sizes, a 47-inch model (DS- 4707EST) and a 55-inch (DS-5507EST) offering. Each features a durable, powder-coated aluminum exterior, engineered to resist moisture, dirt, and bugs, and to stand up to serious temperature extremes, as well as a multi-fan airflow system to keep things cool and dry. Each also features a water-tight Cable Entry System to protect its pair of HDMI inputs, composite and component video and stereo audio ins, digital audio outs, and RS-232 and IR control inputs.

The tempered anti-glare glass front also works to protect each set from vandalism and abuse, in addition to helping combat the sun’s blinding rays.

If you don’t already have outdoor speakers decorating the landscape, you can also add an additional 20-watt, detachable speaker module.

As with all of the company’s outdoor models, both new Marquee Series sets are backed by a two-year warranty.

Prices for the DS- 4707EST and DS-5507EST are $4,995 and $6,995, respectively, via authorized SunBriteTV retailers only.

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