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Channel Vision Introduces On-Wall Dock Station for Second- and Third-Generation iPads

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The only thing cooler than an iPad is an iPad whose true potential has been unlocked by an advanced home automation system like Control4 or URC Total Control. The upside is obvious: the device you use to surf the web, play Angry Birds Space, and stalk your ex on Facebook can now be used to dim the lights, control multi-room music streams, fire up and operate the home theater system, and bring up the security camera feed to see who’s knocking on the front door.

The downside? The device you now use to control your entire home is the one that everybody else in the house wants to use to surf the web, play Angry Birds Space, and stalk their exes on Facebook.

The solution? Buy yourself another iPad and keep it docked in Channel Vision’s new On-Wall Dock Station for iPad. Designed to work with the second- and third-generation iPad, but not the first (or, in Apple’s nomenclature, it’ll fit the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, but not the iPad… got it?), the On-Wall Dock Station offers vertical or horizontal mounting, and also charges your iPad while it’s docked.

The On-Wall Dock Station also features a hinged cover, so you can quickly and easily removed the docked iPad if you absolutely, positively need access to play that double-double word score you know you’ve got lined up in Words with Friends. You’ll have to come up with your own punishment for repeat offenders who forget to put the iPad back when they’re done.

While it’s roving around, though, you can fill the space it left in the On-Wall Dock Station with your favorite photo, making it a cute little picture frame. We recommend using the kids’ least favorite photo, though—maybe their first naked baby photos—to ensure that it’s covered back up as soon as possible.

The Channel Vision On-Wall Dock Station is only available via authorized custom installers and a few select online retailers. While you’re there, talk to them about Channel Vision’s new Security App for the iPad, too.

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