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Fashion Forward: Lutron Combines Sophisticated Style and Technology

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When it comes to the aesthetic quality of one’s home, many shy away from technology, fearing that high-tech means a myriad of wires, plastic boxes and unappealing

patterns. However that’s really not the case anymore; manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure integrators can meet a client’s performance and design demands with products comprised of sleek form factors, custom color palettes and panels, and now fashion-forward shades. That’s right – stylish, artistically pleasing motorized shades.

Today’s integrators don’t have it easy. Not only are they responsible for recommending the utmost effective solutions, executing a seamless installation and ensuring the custom A/V system meets the homeowners needs, but now many are feeling the pressure to add interior design to the mix. As challenging as this may seem, Lutron has stepped up in a big way, especially in the motorized shades department, by incorporating both fashion and color into their latest line of shades.

According to Lutron’s Director of Public Relations, Melissa Andresko, this is a necessary step in the right direction, “People are blending fashion and technology, and we’re giving them the tools to do so.” Andresko also goes on to explain how many feel that color is key to the aesthetics

of a room, “People are having a lot of fun with color…taking some risks in media rooms and some of the family rooms, but the traditional colors are always going to be popular as well.”

Interested in adding a little style to your next project? Lutron has made color swatches available for its shades, making it easier for both integrators and consumers to choose the right accent for their next set of shades.

We want to hear from you! What do you think? Would you consider adding a little flair to your motorized shades? Would you opt for a more modern pattern or something classic? Be sure to let us know via Facebook or join in the conversation on Twitter!

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