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URC Brings Consumers and Dealers Together with Enhanced Direct Dealer Locator

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URC Dealer Locator

For the average consumer, advanced home control is scary. And not in a paranoid, sci-fi, my-house-is-going-to-turn-on-me kind of way—for most, it’s a fear of the unknown. Advanced home automation solutions aren’t lining the discount aisles, they aren’t peer reviewed on Amazon, and barring a word-of-mouth referral from a friend for a local custom integrator/ESC (Electronic Systems Contractor), most potential customers may not even know what “custom integrator/ESC (Electronic Systems Contractor)” means, much less where to find one.

URC’s new Direct Dealer Locator directly addresses that last point, and along the way breaks down many of the other barriers that lie between interested customers and the custom integrators who can help them not only understand the ins and outs of home automation, but also tailor a home control solution specifically to their needs.

The way it works is pretty simple: dial your browser to, plug in a ZIP code, and the site generates a list of local authorized director dealers. What’s great about the list provided is that it includes all of the dealer’s contact info—including phone number, website, and email contacts—at a glance, as well as a note as to whether they carry URC’s single-room Complete Control systems, its new networked Total Control multi-room automation and entertainment system, or both, along with a handy mapping feature if you’d rather drop by the shop to discuss things in person.

To further take the anxiety out of that initial contact, URC has also included a handy contact form labeled “Get More Information from This Dealer,” which not only sets up a call or email from the dealer in question, but also succinctly establishes the customers level of knowledge and comfort with home automation by asking such questions as “Rooms Interested in Controlling? One room in home, Multiple rooms, Multiple rooms & outdoors” and “What are you most interested in Controlling? (Select all that apply) Music, Video and TV / Home Entertainment, Security, Lighting, Temp. (HVAC)?”

Best of all, there’s a checkbox for “Not Sure Yet,” leaving plenty of room for the customer and custom integrator to have a discussion about lifestyle and home usage before digging into the specifics of which boxes need to be installed where.

Best of all, prime positioning on the list is given to URC Master Dealers, who have demonstrated their commitment to URC and the customer by completing rigorous annual training, additional design and technical education specific to the Total Control line of networked control and entertainment systems, and demonstrated their ability to provide quality customer support. So unlike Google, the top link on the list is probably exactly what the customer was looking for.

Check out the newly revamped URC Direct Dealer Locator at

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