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Semblance Modular System Takes Versatility and Design to New Heights

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People are always on the search for the perfect shelving, whether it is to hold books and binders in a home office or workspace, or it is in your living room showcasing your beautiful 65” TV. It can be hard to find a shelving design that can be customizable to a customer’s every need, but BDI has introduced a shelving collection that can do just that. The Semblance Modular system is a fully customizable collection that can meet any need you desire. By combining shelving, enclosed storage, workspace and technology components any which way, you can create your ultimate shelving design.

The versatility of Semblance is what really sets it apart from other shelving options. Bill Becker, BDI’s Design Director and CEO knows that by varying the way the components are configured, you can create your own shelving masterpiece whether it is for storage, an office space, or a home entertainment system. He believes that “The possibilities are endless, but the outcome is always the same: a unique and sophisticated design that will enhance any room.”

With finished wood panels available in Natural Walnut, Espresso Stained Oak or Natural Stained Cherry, glass shelves, storage cabinets, Semblance is constructed of the best materials so that your shelving will integrate perfectly into any room. They offer a number of Semblance Office components that are engineered to integrate technology into the workplace. Between desks, storage and file drawers, as well as a built-in cable management system, it is possible to have everything you need in a home office all in one Semblance system.

“Semblance modular shelving can be used as the central design element in a room, providing a multitude of storage, display, office or entertainment uses,” added Becker. “The versatility and functionality of Semblance as not only a shelving design or room divider, but also as a customizable office space and home theater center making this an ideal collection for many rooms in the home.”

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