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3D TVs Getting Cheaper

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While the 3D TV market got off to a bit of a rough start, manufacturers and movie studios are fully behind the format. Almost every manufacturer has announced its 2012 TV models by now, and it looks like 3D will be as present as ever.

In fact, it’s looking more like a given, along with web connectivity. Sure, not every model has those features, but both are becoming less of a premium and more of a standard feature.

As a result, 3D TV prices have dropped a lot over the past year. According to a new report by DealNews, 3D-enabled TVs are going to reach an all-time low this summer. Will this finally be the summer of 3D?

DealNews says that 3D TV models are dropping. The big push, however, should come when some 2nd tier brands enter the 3D market with stripped-down models. The major TV makers, though are also adding 3D to more product lines.

What would be the price point for you to make the switch? Or have you completely lost all interest in 3D TV? Sound off in the comments section below.

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