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WealthTV has been providing teases of its 3D content for about two years. Now, you can get the lifestyles of the rich and famous in your face 24/7.

The network just announced plans to launch WealthTV 3D full time. Available through Roku boxes in the U.S., additional launches are expected soon—including via conventional cable systems.

WealthTV 3D provides a variety of 3D options, including travel programs, documentaries, live events, sports, culinary adventures, and much more. The network also has a high-profile partner in Don King Productions, with the two producing title fights for 3D audiences.

“With every major TV manufacturer leading its lineup with 3D televisions and consumers clamoring for quality 3D programming, WealthTV is extremely pleased to answer the call by delivering WealthTV 3D,” Robert Herring, CEO of WealthTV. “WealthTV 3D allows viewers to travel the world and enjoy the finest experiences, whether it’s touring Mayan ruins, strolling the sandy beaches in the Seychelles, or driving behind the wheel of a Bugatti, without leaving the comfort of their living room.”

WealthTV first launched its HD channel back in 2004, adding in VOD services about a year later. WealthTV then launched 3D VOD programming in 2010.

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