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Control4 Shows Off Home Controllers at CES 2012

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This week’s Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just about AV. Home control is in the house (or the convention center), with Control4. The company is currently out at the show, debuting its new HC-250 (pictured top) and HC-800 (bottom) home controllers.

Control4 says that the HC-800 is a flagship model, a multi-zone controller designed to work with homes of all shapes and sizes—even the big ones! Featuring a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, the HC-800 boasts fast service and an interactive on-screen control.

Designed to fit in a slim 1RU, the rack-mountable HC-800 has two RS-232 ports, six IR ports, and four contact and relay switches. It also has enough analog and digital outputs for four independent zones of audio, without the need for a second media player. Of course, there’s also HDMI audio/video connectivity for Blu-ray players, receivers, and more.

For smaller installs, the HC-250 has a more low-profile form factor. The single-room device has a 1GHz processor and can fit behind the TV, on a shelf, or in a rack. It also has Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability via a single Cat5 cable, as well as support for HDMI and integrated Wireless-N WiFi and ZigBee.

“With our new controllers, consumer can browse very large media libraries and enjoy a selected movie, song, or playlist instantly, activate lighting before their finger leaves the touch screen, and control an entire home from their TV instantaneously,” says Martin Plaehn, Control4’s president and CEO. “It will be hard to find a more responsive and capable system, and that’s going to delight consumers.”

Of course, both automation controllers are designed to work with Control4’s operating system. The HC-800 is expected to ship in early February, with an MSRP of $999. The HC-250 will be coming in the second quarter, with an MSRP of $599.

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